Top 12 Important Skills and Qualifications To Become A Successful Business Analyst

Business Analyst – Do you know this is one of the dreamiest as well as one of the most difficult jobs with the high salary in the world? It has attracted the numerous of fresh graduates and employees start to change and pursue this career since it plays a necessary and important role in each business. However, it is not easy for us to become a successful Business Analyst without qualifications and soft skills.
If you are planning to switch your career as a Business Analyst like me and my friends. Then, you can continue to read this blog.
I was a fresh graduate 7 years ago, and I am a skilled and experienced Business Analyst now. I usually join Business Analyst workshops not because I am free. It is because I want to share my experiences, knowledge, and skills with fresh graduates and anybody who wants to become a real Business Analyst.

As you know Business Analyst is not a simple job, it requires us must involve in other works in order to bring the good results to grow up the business.

Let I tell you about what and who is Business Analyst in the very short and simple words. Business Analyst is the person who manages the stakeholder and the team. They responsible for detecting the problem and find the right solutions to solve and develop the company. Besides, they can know as a person who links the business and the IT solutions together.

Actually, Business Analyst is the large and big topic, and I will tell you about that in the next blogs.
Now, if you believe you desire BA, want to pursue it as your future career. Then, besides of your college or bachelor degree as well as joining the Business Analyst training centers to get the certification and become a real BA, there are a lot of needed and important qualifications and skills of BA that you must have in order to become a successful Business Analyst.

  • Domain Knowledge

Believe me, if you do not have this qualification, you should not become a BA because it does not allow for you to complete the tasks. Because as a BA, our job does not only analyze the documents, we are also required to work in others department. Domain knowledge which includes banking, payroll, IT, accounting and so on. This skill allows us understanding clearly and deeply the job and customers’ requirements; then, we can give the right methods and solutions for the businesses.

  • Analytical Skill

If you do some researches and read some articles about BA, I think you will know why BA must have this skill. It allows for BA analyze the company’s requirement, the data, the customers’ demand and the record as well as finding and taking the strategic decision to grow up the business. For example, SWOT analysis and GAP analysis.

  • Documentation skills

As a Business Analyst, preparing documents for the managers or directors is one of the main jobs of a BA. Besides, articulation skill is also needed skill, it helps BA can create self-explanatory for the documents. These two skills allow for the BA understand business requirements and write all the documents in one simple language which can be understood and used by any stakeholders.

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills

This is one of the top important skills of BA in order to help them understand clearly and fully the clients’ demands, then analyzes and drives the meeting. If a BA listens and communicate wrongly, it will cause a negative impact on the business. Besides, because your job is managing and gathering all the stakeholders, so these two skills are really important.

  • Qualification and experience

Nowadays, there are many large companies require and only recruit the Business Analyst who has Business of Engineering and MBA degree. However, you can fill up your experiences and qualifications by joining any training courses to gain many certifications.

  • Certifications

Do you know that there are many kinds of certifications that you can have while joining the BA training programs? However, if you gain yourself a professional BA certification, you will have a plus point for your resume as well as have the higher position in the company.

  • Convincing skills

Convincing skill is the one of the most needed skills of every BA because it helps the Business Analyst proposes the suitable and right solutions for the business. Moreover, through this skill, Business Analyst can also sell the products for the company in order to improve and increase revenue for the company. This is the needed skills if you work on Business Case.

  • UML Diagrams

One of the main jobs of Business Analyst is creating the various diagram in order to show the requirements in the picture format. Therefore, BA must know about the UML Diagram. UML Diagram helps BA explain and prove the business requirement for the stakeholders.
Actually, this is one of the most effective tools for gathering the requirements.

  • Proactive and Leadership

As we know, the job scope of Business Analyst is really wide and their responsibilities are really large. Then, they must always be proactive as well as be able to take the ownership in many tasks. Furthermore, Leadership is also the necessary skill of a Business Analystbecause they need to lead the team and manage the project.
If you want to become a successful Business Analyst, you must improve this skill in order to get the best position in the company.

  • Testing skills (Functional/UAT)

In IT field, Business Analyst is the person who performs the functional testing and supports the customers to perform UAT. As a Business Analyst, you must have a basic testing skill in order to help you develop effectively the products and complete the project.
Because this is one of the most important skills of a BA, so most of BA training centers also provide the training course for this skill.

  • Excel and presentation skill

Whether you are working in the small or large company, MS office and presentation are the two basic skills that you must have. It usually uses for reporting and presentation, and you will be one of the people responsible for that.

  • Technical skill

Besides of above skills, technical skill is not really an important skill of every BA. However, it will be a plus point for you if you are seeking the job in IT field. Moreover, you can also learn and train this skill through Business Analyst training programs.
These are the top 12 important skills and qualifications that you must have if you want to become a Business Analyst. However, if you want to become a successful Business Analyst, you must take your time to train yourself and consolidate your knowledge.
Do not feel frustrated if you think the number “12” is the large numbers. Because when I was a fresh BA, I just have 4-5 of these skills. Now, after 7 years working as a BA and become a skilled Business Analyst, and my skills are more than 12 now.
Actually, you can consolidate and training our skill and knowledge through many workshops or enroll Business Analyst Training Programs. There are many BA experts to help you improve your knowledge and skills.

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