How I Become A Successful Quality Analyst and How You Can Too

I think not only you and me, everybody want to have a success in their chosen career. However, why many people become a professor or have a certain success in their business, but why not us? 8 years ago, I was a new quality analyst and now I am a successful professional quality analyst. In these 5 years, quality assurance is attracted lots of people start to pursue this career. Unfortunately, the world is still lacking of the numbers of skilled and professional quality analyst. Three of my friends are working as qa training providers, they claimed that many students joined qa training programs and became a qa because they knew this job has the high payment. I do not deny that that is one of the reasons that bringlots of fresh graduates come to this industry. However, you must acknowledge one important thing that everything will only be achieved when we have a passion for it.
If you are here, I think you are looking for the ways to be a successful quality analyst. I do not know that you are a fresh graduate or a new quality analyst, so I will show you every step that help me become a qualified professional quality analyst.

Join quality analyst training and placement and use qa testing training material

I think you acknowledge that there are the millions of software quality training courses available in both in-class and online studying. Unlike the past few years when I was a fresh graduate, it is really hard for me to find a training center which provides a best online qa training. Actually, I chose an online software qa training course for me because I had to work for income, and it is also because the training fee at that time is quite expensive than now.

Nowadays, lots of qa training centers offer to the students the affordable qa training and job placement. They do not only provide you a quality assurance analyst training course with a suitable fee, they also support you in finding your job after you finish the training courses. Do you know this is a good chance for you to become a qualified qa tester?
In order to become a new quality analyst, you must pass the job interviews and it is not an easy thing. I can tell you that although these companies really need a quality analyst, it does not mean they will hire someone with a really basic knowledge and skills.
Take your times and do some researches, you will see clearly the industry is lacking of the numbers of skilled and experienced quality analyst, they do not lack of a new quality analyst. However, it does not mean there is no chance for you to work when you are a fresh qa software tester. There are the hundreds of companies are recruiting a qa software tester who does not have many experiences, but you must have a strong basic knowledge and skill.

As I mentioned before you can easily choose for yourself a quality assurance analyst training course and join, but do you know it is not enough for you to become a best new quality analyst? When I was a fresh graduate, one of my instructors who is a successful professional quality analyst now, he told me that no matter how hard I studied at a center, how many assignments did I complete, I still not succeed if I did not study by myself.
It is true, self-studying is a good chance for us to understand deeply about what we are studying. As you see most of thequality assurance training classes are about 5 to 7 weeks or around 60 to 70 hours. These times are just enough for the training experts teaching us about the main theories and directing us in some main practices. Although most qa training centers decided to focus strongly on the practices in order to help the students can work as a real qa when they finish the course, we cannot become a qualified quality analyst if we do not have a solid foundation about qa. In order to do that, you have to take your time to study by yourself.

The internet has been developed and it brought to lots of benefits for your self-studying. You can easily find yourself many quality assurance training material and software training videos. These qatraining materials will support you on yourqa career path whether you are new to qa industry or an experienced one.
You might not believe me, but I can guarantee you that if you do not only join qa training class, but you also study by yourself, you will have a job and more than that, you might be hunted by many companies.

Joining Quality Analyst Meeting, Workshop or Confession

I do not know who you are. You might be a new quality analyst or professional qa tester, joining quality analyst meeting and workshop is also your main job. I think you are wondering why this is my main job? My main job is related to software or product quality not going to meeting or workshop. If you are thinking that, you are completely wrong.
Have you ever joined any qa software testing meeting, workshop or confession? Do you see there are many experienced and professional quality analysts there? Do you know the reasons why they are there?

Let I tell you an interesting thing, they are going to these workshops or confessions not only to inspire you to become a qa, but also this is a chance for them to meet and talk with others experienced and professional quality analysts. As a qa, it is really important that they must usually consolidate and update their knowledge and skills. Through these meeting, they will earn themselves many experiences and knowledge through others qa, and this is also a chance for them to expand their relationship.
As a new person in qa industry, these workshops and meetings will be a great opportunity for you to meet some skilled quality analysts and learn from their experiences as well as hunting for a position in some large company. I think many of you have made a mistake that thinking many large companies do not recruit new quality analysts. In fact, these companies will need more than 1 or 2 quality analysts, so if they have had a professional qa or qa manager, they will recruit you for a junior quality analyst position.

Training and Training

Another tip that brings me to a successful quality analyst is training. Training here does not mean quality assurance analyst training course. Training here means you must take your time to train your skills and update your knowledge. I know a guy who is a friend of my wife, he was a qualified quality analyst. I use “was” here not because he quit this job or has any problems. I use “was” because after becoming an excellent experienced qa, he stopped training himself. He made a serious mistake when he thought “I am an experienced qa, I provided the best works, so why do I need to continue training myself?”
It is an extremely serious thinking and mistakes which you must throw away if you do not want to stop your career as an experienced quality analyst. Although he is still working as a quality analyst, he is not allowed to involve in a large project. I think not only him, there are many people are thinking like that as well. As you know, most of our works relate to the technology and software which is changing day by day. If you want to pursue this career, become a professional one and be hunted, there are no other ways than updating your knowledge and training your skills.

If you are busy and feel lazy for researching the advanced knowledge, I advise you to join any advanced quality analyst training courses. These qa training classes are led by the professional quality analyst who will help you update and extend your knowledge. If you are looking for a higher certification, this is also your chance too.
Do not worry if you are too busy and cannot attend in-class or software quality assurance online courses because many qa training and placement USA offer you an one to one training session. Unlike online or in-class study, you can choose your own learning schedule and study directly with a quality assurance expert. Actually, not only for an advanced qa training course, it is also available for qa testing training for beginners.
Now, with these 3 tips, I believe you can become a qualified quality analyst like me. You might find more tips on many others articles, but based on my experiences, we just need these 3. You cannot join any qa training centers if you do not like and want to study by yourself through video or free training material. However, it will be much easier to be a qa as well as a successful qa when you study with qa experts. Above all, if you want to be a successful professional qa, you must usually update your skills, knowledge and current latest IT trends.

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