What Is Combined Business Analyst & Quality Assurance Training Course and How It Helps Business Analysts and Quality Analysts

Nowadays, there are lots of Business Analyst and Quality Assurance training centers decide to combine these two analyst courses become the special one. On the others hands, many people think it is not necessary to do that because Quality Analyst is the independent job and they can work without holding Business Analyst degree. It is right as the BA & QA perspective, and it is not completely right if we look at it as a director and a business owner and economy perspective, I think you will see clearly the reasons why many BA training courses decided to combined Quality Analyst and Business Analyst training course.
To make it clear, I will show you some main reasons as well as I also advise you should join if you have worked as a BA for many years and want to expand your career.

Firstly, let I talk about this. As you know the average salary of Business Analyst is really high approximately $65,000 per year, and Quality Analyst’ salary is also high with around $55,000 per year. This shows us that the company has to pay more than $110,000 in recruiting both positions. However, the organization will pay less than $100,000 per year for experienced Business Analyst who also has Quality Assurance certification. Therefore, lots of companies are hunting an analyst who has both certifications in order to reduce the payment and bring better results in the projects.

Now, let I talk deeply about why BA and QA is the two separate jobs, but many BA professors advice experienced BA and QA should take combined BA and QA training course.
Based on BABOK V2.0 (Business Analyst Body Of Knowledge), the main Business Analyst’s responsibility is managing and working with the stakeholders to find and determine the solutions in order to reach the business requirement and bring the success to the project. However, Quality Analyst’s responsibility is ensuring the quality of every product. It can be simply understood as the systematic process to identify the products or services reach the requirements or not.
Yes, it clearly shows to us these are the two separate fields, but when Business Analyst has the knowledge and Quality Analyst’s skills as well as QA has Business Analyst’ skills and knowledge, these are the results:

  • The problems and bugs will be caught at the early stage.
  • Reducing the amount of time and fixing cost.
  • Ensure the products and services meet the customers’ demand and reach a business objective.
  • Eliminate traditional Quality Analyst responsibility – QA can be involved at the beginning of the project (known as BQA – Business/Quality Analyst).

As I mentioned about the economic benefits for the business, as the experienced employee with both QA and BA certifications, you will also gain yourself a huge chance to be hunted and be paid with the higher salary than any Business Analysts or Quality Analysts. Do you know the salary of experienced Business Analyst Deloitte is annually more than $85,000? It means that if you work for any large companies with both certifications, you will gain more than $95,000 – $100,000 per year.

However, you must know thatthese two are the important positions in the organization, and when you take both at the same time; it means you take more responsibilities. Therefore, I suggest and advice you only take these two positions when you are the skilled Business Analyst or Quality Analysts and have been involved in QA or BA tasks and projects for several times.

If you have read all above information, I think you know the role of BQA (Business/Quality Analyst) is more important than BA and QA, and it helps to eliminate the traditional role of QA which only involves at the final stage of a project. As the BQA, you can be involved at the first stage of the project. You will not only be responsible for leading software testing, your works also require the high degree of critical thinking and deliberate approach in order to develop effectively and fully the products and services.

Now, let I illustrate the main tasks of BQA in an organization.

  • Develop the quality strategy of a project. Business/Quality Analyst will work with the product owner in order to understand the project’s requirement and formulate the suitable strategies to ensure the quality of products or services.
  • Monitor the quality strategy. During the project, as a BQA, you will be the person who monitors all the quality project, check manufacturing process and fix the process if it occurs any problems. One of the advances when the company has BQA is that they can find the issue in the early and can find the right solutions to the root causes.
  • Help the developer test the software. This is another advanced point of BQA. As you know the main role of developers are catching and fixing immediately the bugs without the unnecessary communication and context-switching. However, all the projects are different and the developers must be involved in order to make the work fluently and prevent the problems. In this situation, the role of BQA is becoming very essential because they will be the people who manage the projects and help the developer test the software.
  • Provide feedback on usability. Besides helping the developer, Business/Quality Analyst can identify usability challenges as well as finding the possible solutions to improve the system and process.
  • Write automation test. Depending on the company requirement, BQA can take the responsibility to write the automation test in order to reduce the needs for manual testing.

These are the reasons why lots of Business Analyst and Quality Assurance training centers offer to the students a combined QA&BA course. You can keep in your mind that Business Analyst and Quality Assurance are different, but you cannot deny the benefits that it brings to the business and our self. I am professional Business Analyst with Quality Assurance certification now, and I work with interesting works and my salary is much higher than the provided information.

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Top 50 Common Basic Business Analyst Glossary and Terms

Business Analysis is known as the most attractive and dreamiest jobs in some developed and developing countries in the world. Moreover, Business Analyst has been evaluated as the necessary part and play an important role in the success of every business which relates to IT field. Nowadays, there are the huge numbers of fresh graduates decide to pursue BA career by enrolling the Business Analyst training programs for beginners. There are the numerous of published articles mention about Business Analyst responsibilities in each organization. However, there are not many articles mention about Business Analyst glossary and Business Analyst vocabulary. Therefore, this article will talk about the technical terminology that the Business Analyst must use every day at their workplace.
First of all, in order to become the real Business Analyst, you must know and understand the Business Analyst terms and abbreviations. Unlike other positions in the company, Business Analysts will have and use their own language, and it has approximate 100 words. These are the most common Business Analyst vocabularies that you must know when you are working as the BA.

  • Activity Diagram.

This is the model which is used to illustrate the flow of process as well as show every activity along with the information flows.

  • Actor/Actors

The role of human and the others which interact directly with the system.

  • Analyst

This is used to call everybody who is responsible for the project, such as Business Analyst, Business Integrator, System Analyst or Requirements Engineer.

  • Benchmarking

This is the comparison of the process, time, quality and other metrics in order to identify the chance to improve the process or the project.

  • Brainstorming

This is the activities of the team which includes BA in order to produce the broad of options through creating the ideas.

  • Business Analyst Approach

This is the set of activities and processes which will be used to analyze and perform the business.

  • Business Analysis

This is the set of tasks and Business Analyst techniques which will be used to contact with the stakeholders in order to help them understand the structures or policies of the company.

  • Business Architecture

This is the subset of the enterprise architecture which is used to define the goal, purpose and objective of the organization. It also includes the external environment of the business.

  • Business Analysis Plan

It is used to describe the activities that Business Analyst has to execute in order to perform the BA responsibilities and works.

  • Capability

This is the function of the organization. It allows the business analyst achieve the business goal and objective.

  • Checklist

This is the quality control technique, and it includes the set of quality elements which are used by the reviewers to determine the requirements or to capture the issues.

  • Code

This is the system of the programming statements, symbols and policies which are used to represent instructors for any computers.

  • Customers

This is used to call the stakeholder or anybody who uses the products or services from the organization.

  • Data Dictionary

This is the analysis model which is used to describe the data structures and the attributes

  • Data Entity

This is the group of the related information which can be people, places, things, documents or concepts are stored by the system.

  • Decision Tree

This is one of the analysis model which is used to provide the graphical alternative to decision tables.

  • Document Analysis

This is the process to study all the available document and the relevant information in order to elicit the requirements in the existing system.

  • Event

This is used to talk about something that happens in the organization, system or process.

  • Exploratory Prototype

This is the prototype which is developed to verify the requirements.

  • Evolutionary Prototype

This is the prototype which is used to modify continuously and update regularly for the response of the users’ feedback.

  • Fishbone Diagram

This is the diagramming technique which is used in the root in order to identify the causes of any problems.

  • Functional Requirements

This is known as the product capabilities. It also means that the things that the products have to do for its users.

  • Gap Analysis

This is the comparison of the current state and future state in order to identify the differences.

  • Glossary

This is the list and definition of the business terms.

  • Horizontal Prototype

This is the prototype to show the shallow and wide of the system’s functionality.

  • Included Use Cases

Use case composed the common set of steps which are used by various use cases.

  • Indicator

This is used to identify the specific numerical measurement

  • Interface

This is the shared boundary between the person and person or between the person and system.

  • Interview

This is the way to elicit the information from anybody or the group of people in the formal or informal situations.

  • Knowledge Area

This is the group of many related tasks which are used to support Business Analyst’s works.

  • Metadata

This is the information which is used to understand the context and validity of the information.

  • Metric

This is the quantifiable level of the indication that the company wants to accomplish.

  • Objective

This is the target or metric that the company is seeking to reach in order to process the goal.

  • Observation

This is the method to elicit the requirement by conducting the assessment from the stakeholder.

  • Optionality

This is the process of examining the opportunities which are used to improve the business performance.

  • Organization Modeling

This is the Business Analyst technique which is used to describe the role and responsibilities which exist in the organization.

  • Organizational Process Asset

This is the material which is used to define, implement and maintain the processes by the staffs.

  • Prioritization

This is the process of the determining any important sets of items in order to determine the orders of items will be addresses.

  • Process Map

This is the business model which is used to show the business process, such as input and output flows across the multiple functions.

  • Process Model

This is the visual model of the sequential flow. It usually uses to control the set of related activities.

  • Product

This is the solution of the solutions. It is also known as the result of the project.

  • Project

This is the temporary endeavor to create the special and unique product or service.

  • Quality Assurance

This is the activities which are performed and implemented to ensure the processes are reach the requirements and bring the best products’ quality.

  • Relationship

This is used to describe the defined association between concepts, classes and the entities.

  • Relationship Map

This is the business model which is used to show the existed relationship in the organization, such as the companies, the stakeholders, the customers and the providers.

  • Scope Model

This is the areas which is covered by the particular activities.

  • Stakeholder

This is the person or the group of people who have the interests which might be effected by any initiatives or solutions.

  • Use Case

This is the analysis model which is used to describe the tasks which are performed by the systems.

  • User

This is used to talk about the stakeholders, people or systems which access directly or indirectly to the system.

  • User Story

This is used to describe shortly and informally the solution capability which will provide the value to the stakeholders. Mostly, it will be around 1 to 2 sentences which include all the needed information in order to allow the developers can estimate the requirements and implement it.

This is all the 50 basic BA glossary of the Business Terms that everybody must know when they start to pursue BA career. There are the thousands of questions about BA have been asked in many top websites or blogs, such as What do I need in order to become a Business Analyst? Or What do Business Analysts responsibilities and why do I need to join Business Analyst course?

Whether you want to be a Business Analyst or any positions in the company, you must know clearly its requirements and its industry terms. In fact, there are many questions that you will be asked by the managers or the directors when you are working as the BA. While working as the BA, you might ask to write the Test Case or User Case as well as you must answer immediately and explain clearly your tasks and the given works to the superiors. Therefore, this is the reason why lots of companies usually require their BA must consolidate their IT knowledge, domain knowledge, and skills in order to work effectively and bring the best results to develop the business.
Besides, lots of published articles also suggest and advice the fresh graduates and others staffs should join Business Analyst training courses for beginners and experts before applying for this career because of Business Analyst industry terms and BA abbreviations. By enroll many best BA training courses, you will be taught and directed by many Business Analyst experts. This is also the great chance for you to learn from their experiences and find out about BA industry terms.
On the whole, if you want to become a BA and pursue this career, you must understand clearly BA industry terms as well as BA glossary. Because BA is not a simple job, and its responsibilities are large and wide, so we must understand and acknowledge its requirements clearly and full. Especially, as the BA, you must usually consolidate your knowledge as well as BA vocabularies by enrolling Business Analyst training programs or joining any BA workshops.

Top 10 Questions You Must Know Before Enrolling Business Analyst Training Courses

Are you planning to change or start your career as a Business Analyst? If you answer is yes, these are the questions and information that you must know before joining the BA training programs and become a real BA.

The job prospects of Business Analyst (BA)

There is the huge demand for the numbers of skilled and professional Business Analysts in the market. BA will be the person who helps the organizations and identifies the business demands or needs. Then, going to find the solutions and applying it base on IT platform. Business Analysts can be the people who work in many different areas, such as Business Administration, Banking, Utilities or Program and Software Testing.

The role of Business Analysts

Business Analysts can be involved and take the responsibilities of many positions, such as project managers or senior managers.


You Want to Become The Skilled and Professional Business Analyst?
Looking for high-quality BA courses and study directly with BA Experts?

I am the fresh IT graduate, and I am looking for a job which does not involve coding. Which job can I follow?
In this case, Business Analyst will be one of your first best choices. Most of the training programs provide you a free demo class in the first week. It is a chance for you to have a deep look at Business Analyst industry. Moreover, you can have a direct conversation with the real BA training experts about your concerns before making a decision.

Can I become a Business Analyst if I am a Tester or Developer?

You can become a Business Analyst. In order to be a real BA, you must prepare for yourself a basic knowledge about BA and all the needed skills. If you ensure that you will pursue BA career, you should start to enroll BA training courses.

I am planning to switch my Software Testing career to Business Analyst, but I am not sure I can work as a BA

As a tester, there are no problems that you change your career to Business Analyst. However, you must register any BA training programs to have BA certifications. It is quite hard for you to apply a BA position in some new companies. Therefore, you should speak to your managers or HR managers for changing your position in the company.

Must I have a degree and technical or programming skills to become a Business Knowledge?

Actually, you do not need to have any technical or programming skills to become a BA, you can learn and improve that skills through any training centers. However, you must have at least college or bachelor degree in order to enroll in BA training programs.

How to become a certified BA?

If you love and desire to become BA, it is not hard for you to become a BA. These are 6 suggested steps to be a real BA for you:

Step 1: Joining study groups to learn and understand BABOK (Business Analyst Body of Knowledge). Take time to read the BABOK contents which are helpful for the exams.
Step 2: Make sure you have at least 5 years of BA experiences as defined by BABOK, and must show you have at least 900 hours of experience and having 4 of 6 knowledge areas before applying for CBAP.
Step 3: Must verify your choice – CBAP
Step 4: Having appropriate professional development hours.
Step 5: Submitting the CBAP application

Step 6: Schedule CBAP and do the exam then get the certification.

Which is the best Domain that I can start with?

There are many domains that can involve Business Analysts, such as retail and investment banking, insurance, logistics or finance. However, in all of these domains, Finance is the most popular domain in Business Analyst industry.

Does my MBA part-time or online degree help me taking up in BA career?

Actually, there are not many companies recruit MBA part-time or online degree. They always require a full-time degree.

Does the demo class help me understanding the works and responsible of BA in the real world?

By joining the free demo class, you will be shown all the information about BA from their tools, their work to the techniques BA that they usually and basically use on day-to-day.
About us:
http://quickenitcareer.com/business-analyst/. Come to our site and check more information about the demo class and Business Analyst training courses. We are the Business Analyst training experts who have several years working as the professional BA. Our principle is making each student become a real BA, skilled BA and professional BA.

Top 4 Important Information About Business Analyst For Students

Are you looking for the answers about what is a Business Analyst?Why do the amounts of corporations need more Business Analyst? Why do we need to follow BA career? And Why do we need to join Business Analyst training course? Let I explain to you
Comparison with Enterprise Analyst, Data Analyst, Project Manager or Management Analyst, Business Analyst becomes one of the most popular and attractive jobs in the economic industry.

Business Analyst is a person who responses for identifying the new areas as well as provides the suitable solutions to improve and develop the organization. They play a very important role in each organization and can be understood as a captain of the air plan. If they are not flexible, responsible and have a right analysis and direction, the flight knows as the organization will be impacted fully and seriously.

The reasons why do a lot of corporations need Business Analyst?

With the development of Information Technology, Business Analyst is not only the person who has BA degree, they are also required to have a basic knowledge about technology. Some experts mentioned that a successful BA is a person who usually trains their soft and hard skills such as documentation skills, analyst skills, communication skills, organization skills and so on.

Actually, Business Analyst is the main liaison between the stakeholders who relate to business in order to avoid any miscommunication. Nowadays, following the nature of the industry, there are the amounts of companies require having one or more Business Analysts in their organization.  They believe that BA plays and has an important role in their success.

Top reasons why we should choose Business Analyst as our pursuing career?

It is quite interesting that I have read the published article on Business Analyst Time of Steve Blais, he said that “It’s the end of the Business Analysis World as we know it” and “Tech hotshots: the rise of the IT Business Analyst clearly showed that IT Business Analyst ranked as one of the top 12 pursuing jobs in the world in 2012”.
And yes, in some companies, they may not have a Business Analyst as a job title because they have many other positions to perform the crucial activities which are known as the BA’s responsibility.
There is no reason why do we have to hire so many positions to do the work of one person- Business Analyst, and its results might not good as BA does.

Let I tell you one interesting information that the salary of a Business Analyst has been seen as one of the top highest salaries in the world.

Furthermore, according to BigClasses.com, there are approximately 160 thousand business analysts is hired in a month and 120 thousands of them are invited or hire directly without using any recruitment services like LinkedIn, Indeed or Dice.

If you are interested in the economic field, there is no reason that we do not choose to be a BA. However, you must acknowledge that together with the salary, it is the responsibility. No one and no company pays you the amount of money with the simple works.
As a BA, you will be:

  • Responsible in managing and leading the team and stakeholders.
  • Prepare yourself a fundamental of business analyst and some others knowledge like finance and information technology. Because it helps you understand clearly how the business or organization runs.
  • Responsible for directing and leading the developers, engineers and some others specialists to execute the plan in order to develop and bring the business to the success.
  • Your solution and your analyzing play an important role in the business’ profit as well as the organization’s success.

Sometimes, we must think about our career, what we really like, which occupation we really like, and if BA is a right option for you, you do not like it because of the high salary. Then, you can continue to read this blog, there are some main requirements that you need to know as a Business Analyst

  • Have a good knowledge about business strategy
  • Like and passion about Business Analyst industry
  • Technical background is also required
  • Analytical skills
  • Learning and Researching
  • Work under pressure
  • Communication and Negotiation skills

As my experience, if you want to improve your BA knowledge and skills effectively, your best option is joining any

Business Analyst training courses.

3 Business Analyst Levels andBA Certification

In fact, when you have planned your career with Business Analyst, you must know there are no equal tasks in BA, and in some companies, it is distinguished into three levels.

  • Strategic Business Analysis

Identify and analyze the business problems, suggest and giving final potential solutions is your responsibility. Moreover, your job also discovers the new opportunity and creates the new business goals to develop the company.

  • Tactical Business Analysis

Your work is starting with defining the scope and objective, then flush out the details of the proposed change.

  • Operational Business Analysis (mostly in IT field)

You will be the one who deals with many gritty components in existing business solutions (as determine to change software amongst any duties) and implements it to develop the business. In order to do that, you must have a good knowledge about Information Technology.
There are several Business Analyst training courses Pennsylvania with many BA experts, and it includes online and in-class, so you can choose depending on your option.
Through these courses, your career will be consolidated.

  • Business Analysis for the IT Professional
  • Modeling Techniques for The Business Analyst
  • Effective Use Case Development
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis Essentials
  • Agile Business Analyst

The benefits when you join Business Analyst Training Courses & Get BA Certification in Pennsylvania

Yes, as I mentioned, one of the best ways to improve our skills and knowledge is joining many training courses whenever you are free.
Do not be lazy, do not go out with your friends in the weekend if you do not have a good Business Analyst knowledge and skills. If you still ask why? Then, you should think about your future career again because BA is not a job for lazy.
If you say yes, I like BA, then take a sit, open your laptop and findsome online training courses and choose one for yourself. My suggestion for you is BA training course Pennsylvania.
There are multiple options for you to choose in Pennsylvania. Especially, they provide to the students and many new BA very affordable training courses with various training specialists.
Besides, Pennsylvania staffs always try to create a suitable training schedule which is flexible and cater for every student. They can study at home by any smart devices or go to a training center at the weekend for in-class training courses.
One of the special things that I want to tell you is about your certification.
Your BA certification will be provided by some of the top training specialists or some experienced training specialist around the world.
In the first two weeks, you will be trained about Software Development Life Cycle, technical terminologies, The Gap Analysis, The Agile Model and the Waterfall Model. Especially, you can expose the key responsibilities of BA within an organization. Then, they will provide you many useful tips to adapt a new workplace.
After the business analyst training and placement Pennsylvania, the training experts will help you come closer to the information technology.One of the differences between Pennsylvania and the others is training specialist in Pennsylvania will teach you how to write a perfect CV and resume for your BA interview. They also provide some mock practice job interviews when you finish your training courses.

Perfect preparation for your BA job application

I have joined some online courses there, and I know that Pennsylvania always ensures their students are trained with the 7 interview steps.

  • Research clearly and extensively the potential companies includes their financial statement.
  • Research and read more about the interviewers.
  • Learn how to summarize about yourself in three minutes.
  • Always wear formal clothes in the interview and always keep it professional.
  • Invest in yourself in order to build a strong and professional image with the interviewers.
  • Identify the trick interview questions and practice it in order to prevent an unexpected situation
  • Always say thanks or send a thank you note to the interviewers or the company after the interview.

There is no job and no success for lazy people, so as a BA, we must work hard and harder, always willing to learn more and always consolidate our knowledge, and we will definitely become a successful Business Analyst.

The Truth About Business Analyst Training Center in USA

Are you US citizen? Have you ever enroll in any Business Analyst training courses in USA? How were your experiences? And did the instructors as well as the staffs support you on your BA career path? I do not know what your answer is, but most of the answers in my email are the position results.

Before becoming a professional Business Analyst, I was an experienced staff of an IT company. After joining abusiness analyst training for fresher and few advanced business analyst training courses, I have gained for myself lots of useful business analyst skills and knowledge. That is one of the reasons why I usually advise people join training courses if they want to become BA quickly and efficiently.

In these recent years, Business Analyst has become one of the dreamiest careers for the millions of US fresh graduates not only because this is an unlimited career, it is also because of the huge benefits that they bring to those who desire and want to be a part of Business Analyst industry.

Before discuss with you about the benefits that you will have when you start Business Analyst career at Business Analyst training centers, I am going to explain why Business Analyst has become a popular career with everybody in USA.

Unlike others career, Business Analyst is seen as one of the fastest growing career in every country. The survey strongly shows that its rate will increase up to 19% in the next 10 years. It means that the world will need approximately 880.000 Business Analyst.

I believe besides of the passion that we have for our job, the main reason that makes we choose that career is its future career. Unlike many others positions, business analyst career path can be known as an unlimited career.
Why do I say that?
Look at this picture. This is the sample of BA career depending on the company that you are working with.

For example, if you choose work as BA at consulting company, you will easily jump to senior associate after first few years. In the next 10 to 15 years, with your hard working, you will be a director and run your own business.

Just imaging, we will be a senior when we are around 27-28 years old and run our own business when we are just 40. What will be greater than that! If you do not believe me, you can ask your business analyst instructors or do some researches. You will see clearly what I am saying here is all the truth.

Do you know Business Analyst is on the list of highest earning occupation?
Whether you are the new Business Analyst or experienced, I can guarantee you one thing – Business Analyst salary will be much higher than many other positions in the company.
According to the article “What are the financial benefits of being a business analyst?”, the average salary of BA in USA is $94.881. There was a rapid increase in 3 years from $82.493 in 2010 to $91.512 in 2013. Moreover, if you look at the information in Glassdoor.com, you will see clearly the lowest salary is around $45.000, and it might belong to the fresh Business Analyst.
And that is the 3 reasons why Business Analyst career become an attractive career for lots of people.
Now, let I show you how Business Analyst training course in USA support your BA career path.

As you know it is very simply for you to become a BA, everything you need is the degree and a passion in this industry. Then, we let BA training centers support us on the way becoming a skilled and successful Business Analyst.

I do not care that you are the fresh graduates or experienced BA, you must spend times to consolidate your BA knowledge and improve all the necessary skills. The main reason is because of the Business Analyst’s responsibilities.
Many business analysts training Florida usually encourage their students who known as the fresh graduates, come and join their workshops in order to build and improve all necessary skills before working as a real Business Analyst.
Lots of students email me and asked “how can I improve my skills when I enroll Business Analyst online training course for fresher”. Do not worry no matter what kinds of learning style and schedules that you are choosing for yourself, you still can improve your skills with your BA instructors.

Although you are studying online course, you still have the right to practice in the real case with your instructors. I do not know do your training companies have that or not? But, I can sure with you there are available in many

Business analysts training course Dallas TX.

One of my friends is the instructor there, and he said to me that whether my students are the fresh graduates or experienced Business Analyst, I have to let them practice with the real case because of the company’ policy, and it is also the best way to support them becoming a real business analyst.

I know lots of employees want to change their current career to BA, but they do not have time to enroll the course, and they are really afraid to join business analyst online training course.
If you are one of them, I hope these provided information are helpful for you.

There are lots of business analyst training center in USA provides to you a best affordable business analyst online training course, such as business analyst training Dallas and Houston TX, business analyst training Boston and business analyst training New York. These are the best business analyst training centers in the USA.
If you are the busy person and look for a business analyst training program, these training centers provide you a right to choose your own learning schedule, and it calls “one to one” training. This is a special business analyst training course, and you can choose the day and time that you are free for your studying.

Similar with in-class studying, online and one to one studying allow the students interact and discuss directly and lively with the instructors. Therefore, you should not worry about the quality of these courses.

Furthermore, some special training centers provide to the students who love a BA industry, a special free Business Analyst training course. Through this course, you will be taught about these important knowledge:

  • Business analyst glossary and industry terms
  • Understand the requirements, IT industry and domains
  • The role of BA in an organization
  • The hierarchical structure of BA team in the business industry
  • Skills and characteristics of a successful BA

This is what I loved when I enrolled business analyst training class. Unlike the universities, we just study with published books and lecturers. When you join BA courses, you will have a chance to talk and discuss directly with the instructors who known as the professional Business Analysts.

Moreover, most of business analyst training and learning materials are written based on their working experiences and knowledge in order to help the students can apply what they learnt into the real projects.

There is one thing that we cannot deny that is the worry about our work after studying, and this is also the reason why I advise you to join BA center if you want to pursue Business Analyst career. Do you know most business analyst training centers in USA provide to the students a special benefit that the student will be supported to have a job after the courses?

I know some people do not believe that, but it is true. However, it is only the guarantee for those who study hard and have the passion to be a Business Analyst.

Besides that, the important that all Business Analysts look for is Business Analyst certifications. As a fresh graduate, you must know the best way to show you are the real BA to the world is having a BA certification.
Many students asked me in the workshop that “I do not enroll any Business Analyst training for fresher, can I register a Business Analyst exam?”. Actually, it is really hard for me to answer this question. Yes, you can because there is no rule about that. However, I cannot guarantee you will pass the examination.
The main reason because you have to show to the professors and experts that you have enough knowledge and skills to become a real Business Analyst. If you study by yourself, you can good at the knowledge, but it does not mean you are good at practice.

Like I always said, if you are busy, you can choose an online course or one to one. If your budget does not allow, you can search “affordable business analyst training course near me”, I believe there is a ton of training centers are provided for you.

Now, if you think you desire in BA and want to pursue this career, I strongly encourage you should join Business Analyst training courses. Whether it is online or in-class study, you still have a support from the training centers, and this is also the best way to guarantee yourBusiness Analyst job as well as your BA certification.

Top 5 Reasons Why Should We Start Our Business Analyst Career With BA Training Iowa

Do you know that Business Analyst is one of most the attractive careers that you can learn without any requirement about IT degrees or experiences! Besides, with its important role in the development of each business, Business Analyst has become one of the highest salary jobs in Iowa. If you are wonder about your future career, BA should be one of your first choices, and you can start to pursue it through any Business Analyst Training Iowa program.
The main reason that leads me to introduce and encourage you to become Business Analyst is that this industry is having the huge demand in recruit skilled BA with the purpose helping the companies develop their businesses.
There are approximately 160 thousand BAs are hired per month and 120 thousand of them are hired directly without the third party like Linked, Dice or Indeed.
If you are wondering why the businesses always need Business Analyst for their success. I can tell you in the very simple words that they are the people who are responsible for identifying and analyzing the suitable and possible solutions for businesses in order to improve and develop the

company or organization.

Actually, if you do some research, you can see clearly that BA is always one of the first concerns of all large businesses because of its important role. They have spent and are willing to invest more money to find the best and right Business Experts for their business. Most companies have decided to pay a really high salary in order to attract more skilled BA come to their place with approximately $65-75 thousand per year. In some top companies, they are willing to pay much higher around $80-100 thousand per year.

Top 3 benefits when you become a Business Analyst

There are the thousands of employees include the directors, managers, and staffs have decided to leave their current jobs because they do not have any opportunities to develop and grow their career, salary or position although they have worked for ten or twenty years.
As I said before, there is a large demand in Business Analyst, and just working as a BA in the first few years, you will have a chance to expand your job scope to a sale and business development.
Actually, when we are working as a BA, we are never worried about our future career because there will be many important roles that Business Analyst can get involve after many years experiences, such as Chief Technology Officer, Programmer or having and manage your own business.

In my experiences, the best way for you as well as Iowa Junior Business Analysts expedite developing your career is joining online Business Analyst Iowa training courses. This is the great chance to enhance your knowledge and skills through many affordable high-quality training courses.

5 reasons that make the Business Analysts always have the high salary than other Analyst positions

I just read an article “What is a Business Analyst and How Much Do They Make?”, and an interesting news is that the started salary of a BA is much higher than others positions. Actually, it also mentions if you have lots experiences, your salary will be extremely high.

  • Beginning: $40.000 – $70.000
  • Mid-career: $55.000 – $95.000
  • Senior career: $ 70.000 – $150.000

I have to say that this is one of the extremely high salaries in the world, and this is the reasons why:

  • Location: As a business analyst, you may be asked to work overseas, so the company must pay you a high salary and it includes the cost of living.
  • Specialization field: Because of its competition rate, most companies are willing to pay much higher for BA who specialize in IT.
  • Level of expertise: In top companies, they have decided to set an extremely high salary for BA in order to attract BA experts come to their company.
  • People management: BA can be worked and takes a responsibility to manage the stakeholders and a team within an organization.
  • The scope of responsibilities: Business Analyst will be responsible for each analysis made because their decisions and solutions will affect directly to the business.

As I usually mention, if you want to work as a Business Analyst, you must try to consolidate your knowledge, willing to learn more and more because this is not an easy job. Therefore, if you are sure that you will pursue this career, you must start to find and join any Business Analyst courses Iowa.

5 important requirements to become a real Business Analyst

Actually, it is not hard for us to become or change your career to Business Analyst, and its requirements:

  • At least one college or bachelor degree in finance, IT, business administration or any related degree.
  • No technical background required
  • Transferable skills
  • Basic knowledge or background in business strategy
  • Like and passion for Business Analyst industry.

Base on my experiences and my colleagues who are BA experts, these are just the basic requirements for Business Analyst, and if you want to become a good and successful Business Analyst, you must have these qualities:

  • Good listening, communication and negotiation skills
  • Identify the improvement opportunities
  • Proficient in multi-tasks
  • Expertise in prioritization (based on the need of the stakeholders)
  • Understand the potential and limitation of technology.

If you have been read the following requirements and feel worried about your knowledge and skills, you can enroll to some best BA training centers in Iowa. By enrolling, you will have a chance to study with BA training specialists who have a vast experience in this industry.

The main reasons why do you should enroll Business Analyst Iowa program.

A few days ago, I met some employees and we were talking about how to improve our skills and knowledge in order to become a successful BA. Unfortunately, some of them mentioned that they can buy and learn from some e-books or from some articles.
Yes, you can do that, but how many percentages that you can ensure you will be a good and skilled BA. Therefore, my suggestion for you is going to the BA training centers like Business Analyst Iowa.
Most of the courses are really affordable and are held by the BA training experts. They provide to the trainees the perfect lessons and solutions to enhance the students’ knowledge and skills in order to help them pursue effectively their BA career.
It was quite surprise when my training course had so many IT developers joined in order to understand clearly the business analyst industry. As some Iowa training specialists mention, they provide these courses from the beginning to advanced level for everybody who is fresh graduates, directors or just a normal staffs who want to become a BA.
And yes, it is right. I joined some of the courses, and now I have become a skilled and successful BA. This is the course outline:

  • Business Analyst Introduction
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Training and Practice
  • CV and Resume Preparation
  • Job Placement and On-Job Support

In Iowa, the training specialists will introduce deeply about the role of BA and the hierarchical structure of BA in an organization to assist the college graduates and working employees or professionals who do not have any degree and experience in IT field.
Then, you will be taught about Business Analyst Fundamentals, Software Development Life Cycle, Documentation Knowledge, and Testing Methods and so on. Especially, in the final week, you will participate in the mock interview which is created by experienced BA training experts.

7 Important Preparation Steps For The Interview

As we know, an interview is always one of the most difficult steps that we must pass when we apply for any jobs. Understanding that all of the training experts in Iowa have decided to create a mock interview in order to help the trainees have a full preparation before step into the real interview for a job.
During the practice interview session, you will learn about “Seven Steps to Success”

  • Research about the company and potential interviewers.
  • Research and read the latest BA industry news.
  • Understand the core concept and terminologies of BA.
  • Practice the challenging interview questions.
  • Research about your competitors and predict strict interview questions.
  • Practice a concise self-introduction in 3 minutes.
  • Send thank you note or letter to the company or interviewers.

Finally, I just want to tell you that if you are passionately in Business Analyst, all provided information is just the basic information. You should also read some articles to know more about Business Analyst industry. And of course, joining Business Analyst training in Iowa, it will definitely improve your knowledge and skills before becoming a real BA.

How To Pursue Business Analyst – A Dream Career In Delaware

In Delaware, Business Analyst is one of the dream jobs for everybody; especially, the fresh graduates. There are a lot of people start to pursue this career since it becomes one of the important and needed roles in each organization by joining many Business Analyst Delaware training programs. However, there are not many fresh graduates know exactly the roles of BA, why it is important in the development of business, and why are they advised to join training courses before working as a real BA?

Who and What is Business Analyst?

Business Analyst can understand as a person who manages the stakeholder, the team, identify the new areas and provide the suitable solutions or methods to develop the business. After the first few years, they can be involved in many areas of the business, such as s senior manager, a project manager and so on. Together with the growth of IT, Business Analysts are required to have at least basic knowledge about IT. That is the reason why all businesses always ask their
BA train and consolidate the knowledge and soft skills regularly, such as documentation skills, analyst skills, enroll training program to update about technological knowledge.

Never feel bored with BA- one of the top highest salaries in the world

Believe me, if you have chosen to be a Business Analyst, you never feel bored with this job because this job scope is very large, and you will learn and earn lots of things. Especially, you will never worry about the unemployment problem.
If you read the article “It’s the end of the Business Analysis World as we know it” of Steve Blais who has more than 43 years’ experience in BA industry, you will know Business Analyst is one of the top pursuing jobs in the world in 2012.
And yes, together with its development, there is the huge needed skilled BA in the industry. Most large companies have paid really high salary in order to attract the talented BA come to their company.

Do you know that $50,000-55,000 is the lowest salary of BA, and it means that if you are the skilled BA and have many years’ experiences, your salary will be higher! Open the page glassdoor.com, you will see clearly how much do the companies pay for their BA, and a senior Business Analyst in Delaware can earn more than $80,000 per year.
Most organizations are willing to pay the high salary for Business Analysts because of their job scopes, their responsibilities, their knowledge, and contribution. On the others hand, a fresh BA might receive a high salary because of the working location. People who work in the capital or large city will be paid higher than others locations.
As I mentioned before, if you work as a Business Analyst, you never feel bored and there is no limited to expand your career.

Look at the sample pictures, it just about 3 kinds of works.
Consulting. If you start your BA job in a consulting company, after 3 or 5 years you can become a senior associate. Then, in the next 10 or 15 years with your knowledge and experiences, you will be a director as well as will be the company’s partner.
Private Equity and Venture Capitals. Similar to the picture, you will become the manager and director after 10 or 12 years working. Your task is dealing and buying the companies then supervise them. Then, you can become the company’s partner.

Strategic Department. Business Analysts usually ask to work in the strategic department in order to find potential solutions and use the right method to solve the problems and develop the business. Most of your working time is working with directors or managers, so it brings you a chance to jump to a VP or CEO.

How can I start working as Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is not a work for lazy people, there is no companies pay you a high salary for a simple job. If Business Analyst is considered as one of the dreamiest jobs in Delaware, and you desire it. There is no time to waste, you must find and enroll any Business Analyst training course for you, and it includes both in-class and online.
Do not worried if you graduated in non-IT degrees or do not have any experiences. It is really easy to enroll the Business Analyst Training Programs Delaware.

  • College or bachelor degree. In order to join the courses, you must have at least college or bachelor degree which related to BA field, such as Business Administration, Finance, IT,…
  • No technical required
  • You are US citizens or have a green card and have an international college and bachelor degree.
  • Passion. You can enroll any BA programs; however, if you do not like and desire Business Analyst, my advice for you is that does not join any BA programs because this job is also one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Top benefits when you start your BA career in the training centers


I usually encourage my friends and my colleagues start to pursue this career through BA training center or training institution because this is the places where you can study with the BA experts and learn from their real experiences.
There are the numerous of online BA training courses Delaware with a very affordable fee, so do not worried if you are a student and do not have much money to join. Most of it is around $500-700 per course.
Most of these centers provide to the trainees many affordable and high-quality BA courses from a beginning to advanced level for everybody. Besides that, some special centers also provide to the trainees who have worked in BA field for a first two years and want to consolidate their knowledge a course calls Boot Camp. This is also the huge chance for fresh BA join and finds out about the real BA’s world.

Boot Camp will show to the students how to assessing and analyzing the business environment, identify the business problems and project requirement in order to find and design the right solutions to improve the business as well as reach the customers’ demands and businesses’ objectives and expectations.

Best Business Analyst Certification

When you finish the course, you will receive a valuable certification and can work as a real skilled BA, and the certifications depend on the course that you joined.

  • Entry Certification in Business Analysis (ECBA®). This is the certification for those who finish the first levels of BA, and this valuable certification is from International Institute of Business Analysis™.
  • Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA®). This is the second level of BA certification for those who continue to study BA programs after they finished the first BA levels or those who have the few years’ experiences and study BA course. This certification is from International Institute of Business Analysis™.
  • Certification Business Analyst Professional (CBAP®) – from International Institute of Business Analysis™. Like it names, it is the certification to show you are a Business Analyst Professional. With this certification, you can attract the numerous of companies want to hire you with a very high salary.

One of the special things that I had when I joined the courses from Delaware BA training programs is that they require their students must participate in the mock interview after we finish the course. Together with the training programs, all of the mock interviews are designed by the BA experts in order to help the trainees have a good preparation for their real interview.

During the interview, we will know exactly what we need to prevent and prepare, our training specialists will show us 7 steps to have a successful recruitment interview:

  • How to write a perfect CV and Resume
  • Must research about the company and their competitors
  • How to build a good impression with the interviewers
  • How to answer the trick and strict questions
  • How to describe yourself in 3 minutes
  • Must read a latest news about BA industry
  • Send thank you letter to the interviews and the company

Finally, I want to say to you; especially, the fresh graduates. Business Analyst is not a job for lazy people, it will only be an easy job if you work hard and love it. If you really love it, let join some training courses to save our time and become a real skilled BA. There are so much interesting things are waiting for you when you become a BA.

Helpful Tips To Pass ECBA exam

The Most Helpful TipsTo Pass & Successfully Get Business Analyst Certification Entry Level

Are you planning to get a Business Analyst certification? Did you complete any Business Analyst training courses? As you know the best way to show to every organization as well as the world that you are the certified Business Analyst, you have all necessary Business Analyst skills and knowledge to work at their company as a Business Analyst is having Business Analyst certification.
Before taking the first level of Business Analyst certification, you must know that IIBA certification (ECBA – Entry Certificate in Business Analysis) is one of the best business analyst certificationsfor new BA in the world now. In order to help you complete fully and successfully gain yourself this best BA certification, you should read these important information and tips.

About ECBA exam

ECBA is a multiple choice example with 50 hours. The exam duration is 1.5 hours. Through ECBA exam, the candidates will show to the examiners that they have a strong knowledge and well understanding about Business Analyst industry.

This certification is not only for the fresh graduates, it is also for everybody who might be a professional but new to this industry.

Understand all information and knowledge in BABOK guide

BABOK – Business Analyst Body Of Knowledge
Do you know most of the questions of ECBA exam are from BABOK guide, and this is a free business analyst training material which you can find on the internet?
BABOK Guide provides you all necessary information in order to help you understand deeply about Business Analysis. This guide includes:

  • Requirement life cycle management
  • Collaboration and elicitation
  • Design definition and requirement analyst
  • Business analysis knowledge areas & core ideas

These are all important knowledge which will be involved in ECBA exams. However, it is hard for you to find a full details BABOK guide on the internet. Therefore, this is the reason why you must take Business Analyst training courses.
If you do not spend much time and money for thebusiness analyst training course for fresher, I advise you can choose an online course. It will be much cheaper and you can study at your own place. You can check business analyst training course Dallas and business analyst training course Seattle. These two centers provide to the students a very affordable training course, and they also offer a business analyst training job placement for their students.
Do not be afraid of the business analyst training course duration because it only takes you around 5-6 weeks to complete the course, and you will gain yourself all necessary BA knowledge for ECBA exam.

Understand Business Analysis

Obviously, we have to know this. If you are new to Business Analyst industry, the first thing that you need to ensure is understanding the concept of business analysis and how does it work. However, it is not enough for you to pass the exam, so you must also learn and understand the various phases and how does the software development work.
Besides that, you must make sure that you have at least 21 hours of professional development training in the past 4 years and a signed code of product before register for ECBA exam.
What is a professional development training?

Lots of people only know about this requirement when they register for the exam, and it is too late. Now, let I explain to you about to you what is a professional development training?
As I mentioned before you must have at least 21 hours of professional development training within 4 years, and you must ensure you reach these following criteria:

  • You must be trained by the instructors or any moderators who lead you through the business analyst training material.
  • You must have a learning goal and it can apply to business analysis.
  • You must have a practice which is led by your instructors or moderators.
  • You must have a chance to practice or interrelate with business analysis training materials.

The mock tests

I think this is the best way to help us have the best preparation for our examination no matter what kinds of the exams, we all need to do the mock tests in order to know how ECBA test will be.
I had 2 students and they are really confident about their knowledge, so they did not do the mock tests. As a result, they do not earn enough score to get this Business Analyst certification.
In fact, lots of students think that ECBA is the entry certification and most of the questions are from BABOK guide, so we just need to read BABOK guide. If you are thinking like that, I advise you should take away that thinking.
I am serious here because this is the first important step that you show to everybody that you are the certified BA. Just do the mock test, and it does not take you much time to do it. If your mark is more than 80%, you can sure you will pass the exam.
Why should I take ECBA examination?
Because this is the entry certification business analysis, so it does not require the candidate must have any working experiences. Everything you need is your professional progress hours. In fact, ECBA certification brings lots of benefits for the candidates than showing you are the certified BA.

  • Demonstrated your understanding and knowledge about BA industry.
  • Gain more opportunity for a higher position.
  • Gain yourself a certain position in BA industry.
  • Develop your overall performance.

Should I take other business analyst examination after getting ECBA certification?

Yes. Do you know Business Analyst is an unlimited career, and it brings a huge chance for you to expand your future career? The higher position means the higher salary that you will receive as well as the higher chance for you to jump to a higher position in your organization, and in order to make it become true, you must have BA certifications.
Actually, there will be 3 different kinds of BA certifications from IIBA:

  • ECBA – Entry Certified in Business Analysis
  • CCPA – Certification of Capability in Business Analysis
  • CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional

Unlike ECBA, CCPA and CBAP require the candidates must have working experiences and a deep Business Analyst knowledge and skills. Obviously, it still needs minimum 21 hours of professional development within 4 years.

Therefore, if you took an ECBA examination and have been working as a Business Analyst for 3-4 years, this is the right time for you to consider about CCPA certification.

I am saying and encouraging to take CCPA examination because if you do it now, you do not need to take any business analyst training courses and save you much business analysis training fee for your professional development training.
However, before taking CCPA examination, besides of reading BABOK guide version 3, you must also ensure you have a well preparation about these important knowledge:

  • Understand deeply how to create BRD
  • Understand software development life cycle
  • Know how to create UML diagrams
  • Know how to write user stories
  • Understand the difference between Waterfall and Agile
  • Understand and know how to manage the stakeholders

If you are afraid of your knowledge and skill, you can join any advanced business analyst training online courses. I do not think it will waste our time and money because we can consolidate our knowledge as well as we can update the new business analyst techniques through that training course.
Examination process

This is the 5 important steps that you will do in any BA exams.

  • Applying and paying for the BA certification
  • Paying for the ECBA exam
  • Registering the ECBA exam
  • Preparing for ECBA exam
  • Taking ECBA exam

Now, you can confidently to register ECBA examination. I hope all above tips are helpful for your exam. An important thing that you must ensure you read and understand deeply the concepts and knowledge in BABOK guide. I can say that no matter what kinds of BA examinations you take, BABOK guide is always your first business analyst training documents that you must read and learn.

7 Secret Benefits When You Start Your Business Analyst Career with Business Analyst Hawaii Training Program

Are you planning your next career as a Business Analyst without IT degrees or experiences? Or you are a fan of the economic industry and you are looking for a job with a high salary after you graduate. Business Analyst career will be your best choice. This is one of the most attractive and highest salary jobs in the world as well as in Hawaii. In case, if you are afraid of your knowledge and skills not good enough or not confident to participate in any recruitments relate to BA position. There are so many online business analyst training Hawaii available for you and your friends.
Now, if you are sure that you will start and pursue BA career, this provided information is for you.
Firstly, in order to start your BA career, you need to know exactly what is BA and its requirements.

Business Analyst is a person who analyzes the business domain, documents, data or any processes, integrate the business with technology and assessing the business model. Sometimes, BA can be understood as the bridge between the technology solutions and business issues.

Top 4 needed requirements for students to start a BA career

  • No technical background required
  • Must like and have a passion to learn about BA
  • Fluent or strong soft skills like communication and negotiation skills or analysis skills
  • Have a good knowledge about the business strategies

As I know, we do not need to have an experience in information technology to pursue Business Analyst Career because we can learn it through many online or in-class training courses.

Top websites about BA training courses in Hawaii

I do not need to mention much about BA roles, BA requirements or what you need to be a successful BA because there are the thousand published articles and blogs have been written about that.
All the things I want to say with you now is finding the suitable and right ways to improve our knowledge and skills before step in the real BA industry.
Yes, there is a huge demand in the BA recruitment; however, together with that, there are the amounts of BA have been quitted or fired because of their knowledge and skills.
I have read an article “Can the Business Analyst Survive The Future” and an interesting news that there is a rapid rise in the number of BA; however, some of them did not graduate from any college or university, or they do not have enough knowledge or skills to be a BA. Therefore, instead of developing the business, they hinder and disrupt its development.
Because of these reasons, I want to say to you that if you want to be a successful BA, you must spend your time to learn and train yourself.

This is the top website about online Business Analyst Training Hawaii programs and researches for you:

Besides, if you do not like these websites, you can join these top e-learning sites which you can learn wherever you live.

  • Qabatraining.com
  • Smart-ba.com
  • Businessanalysisexperts.com
  • Bridging-the-gap.com
  • Businessanalystmentor.com

These centers provide many useful courses and tips to new graduate students who do not have any working experience. All of the course will cover the business analyst theory and practice, so the students will have a full knowledge and skill support from the training specialists.

One of the fantastic news is that they will also help the students in terms of job placement and job support.

Who can join Business Analyst Training Hawaii?

As I mentioned before I have read an article and it stated that a person who did not have a college or university degree or any certifications might affect the development of the businesses.
Yes, it is right. Therefore, if you want to register any online training courses, you must have minimum a bachelor or at least college degree from fields, such as human resources, communication, business, administration, accounting, finance or many related areas relate to BA field.

One of the good news for all the students in the USA that you can also apply for these courses, but you must make sure that you are studying a degree which related to BA field.
Let I make it clear, these people can participate in online BA training Hawaii

  • US citizens, People who have a green card – EADs, F1-OPT/CPTs.
  • Fresh graduates, programmer, banker, project managers, IT and so on.
  • People who have any degree or many years of the working experiences non-IT field.

7 Benefits when joining Business Analyst Hawaii training courses

My friends and I have joined many BA training courses in the USA, and we find out that when you join many good BA e-classes in Hawaii or some others countries, you will always have these 7 benefits.

  • Become one of the best BA candidates.
  • Learn from many industry experts who have vast experience in BA.
  • Improve skills, consolidate the theoretical and practical knowledge in order to be a success BA.
  • Receive global BA professional certification.
  • Understand clearly the challenges that most BA experts have to face during a project.
  • Learn how to write a perfect CV and Resume as well as gaining some useful tips for landing you a job.
  • Having mock interview sessions, 100% placement support, and free job hunt.

Top reasons why do we need to join training courses?

Some people might think I am a seller from any Business Analyst Training Centers, and I am here to encourage you in order to develop the business.
Actually, I am not. I am a BA and a blogger, I am here to share my knowledge and experiences with all of you who are a fresh graduate or want to pursue Business Analyst career.

Did you know that there are more than 160,000 BA are hired in a month and approximate 120,000 are hired directly, and their salary is higher than $60,000 per year!

If you work in the top companies, your salary will be much higher than that.

And yes, we all know that the salary is equal to the responsibility. Non-company pays you a high salary for a simple job. Let I show you the main responsibilities of a BA.

  • Create and update regular performance reports
  • Present the reports to the superior or executive
  • Study industry trend
  • Analyze the data
  • Identify the problem and any irregularities in the performance and find solutions
  • Create the forecast for long-term performance
  • Build contingency plans and estimate the cost
  • Drafting weekly, monthly or quarterly performance plans

Top 8 important soft and hard skills of a Business Analyst

If you have read all of above information, you should know Business Analyst is not an easy job. It does not only require you with many responsibilities, it also requires you have the good and strong soft and hard skills in order to operate the work smoothly.

  • Google Analytics, Coremetrics or Omniture. This is the best analytic tools and it has been used widely in all businesses to analyze the website performance.
  • SQL and Microsoft Access. All of Business Analysts will work with the extensive databases and they need to manipulate large sums of data.
  • Quickbooks and Financial Resort Systems. These tools will be used by BA to work with an accountant in order to improve the cash flow.
  • Microsoft skills (Excel, PowerPoint and Word)
  • Critical thinking.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Communication.
  • Technical skills.

In fact, there are much more than these skills, and I just provide some of the most important skills for you as a research.

Business Analyst – An Opportunity Career 

I will end this blog with a job opportunity.
If you have a passion to become Business Analyst, just go with it. There is a huge BA job opportunity in the USA.
According to The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an increase in the rate of Business Analyst demand with approximately 19% from 2014 to 2024. It also leads to a predicted 495.500 BA position are needed. They also stated that the growth of BA is faster than most positions and industries are seeing in the USA.
Therefore, there is no reason for us not pursue our career as a Business Analyst.

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How To Become A Real Skilled Business Analyst – Should We Join Florida Training Program

Have you ever heard the words- Business Analyst? And do you know that Business Analyst is one of the most attractive careers in the world? This is one of the rare IT-related jobs allows for us to pursue and study without any IT degree or experiences required. If you are looking for an ideal career that you can change and start to pursue immediately, Business Analyst will be your first choice, and the fastest way is joining any Business Analyst training course.
One of my friends asked me that why many people should pursue or change their career to a Business Analyst while there are the hundreds of careers in the industries, and why a lot of published articles wrote about this topic?
Now, I am going to explain this question.

Why should us change and pursue our career as a Business Analyst?

First, let’s understand who is BA?

A business analyst is a person who is responsible for identifying the potential and right solutions for the organizations in order to help the business develop and grow up. A Business Analyst is a combination of a communication specialist, business analyst expert or a manager. Because of that, there are many large companies have invested a lot of money for their Business Analyst to join BA training programs as well as hiring BA experts to the company and train their employees.

I have read an article “Why do we need Business Analyst?” of Jeffrey Davidson who was a president of IIBA Dallas Chapter and a proud BA, he said that Business Analyst played a very important role in all company because when the project manager is overwhelmed, the communication breaks down and when there is the confusion about the scope, testing or any requirement, Business Analyst will be the person who explains, support and fill in the gaps.

Actually, if you do some searches about Business Analyst, you will see the wonderful thing that this job is one of the highest salary and one of the top hired jobs in the numbers of recruitment services or websites like Indeed or Dice.
There is approximately 160,000 BA are hired in a month and 120,000 of them are hired directly with the payment more than $65,000 per year. Because of this, there are the amounts of people who live in Florida, have decided to change and pursue their career as a Business Analyst.

Business Analyst- never end and never let you down

I feel quite interested when I say Business Analyst never lets us down. The main reasons that make me confidently say that is the works of a BA are really wide and it brings a hundred opportunities for any skilled BA to develop their career.
If you graduated and ready to start your career as a Business Analyst, just work as a BA for a first few years, then you can take a role of senior manager. Then, in the ten to fifteen years, you can work as a Chief Technology Officer, Project Manager or lead your own consultancy firm.

How can we start our career as a Business Analyst if we do not have any IT degree or experiences?

Most people think that they cannot become a Business Analyst because they do not have any IT degree or work in that field. It is wrong, I will tell you one interesting thing.
Everybody in Florida can join and become a real Business Analyst through any Business Analyst training courses Florida. They provide to us many special training courses from the beginning to advanced levels, and all of the courses are designed by BA experts.
As I know, most of the training courses are around 6 weeks and includes both online and in-class study in order to help busy people can join the class and become a real skilled BA. The courses will focus strongly on the knowledge and skills of a BA. The students will learn about Overview of Business Analysis, Business Analysis Fundamentals, Software Development Engineering Process, Different Types of Testing Methods and HP Quality Center (QC)/ALM and so on.
In most of BA training centers, they will teach the students about the basic knowledge of Business Analysis and understand clearly the role of Business Analyst in the development of each business in the first two weeks. Then, in the last 4 weeks, the trainees will be taught and trained in the Software Develop Life Cycle, HP Quality Center and all the needed lessons.
I love to study in training center than go to any universities because I can interact directly with the instructors and learn from their real experiences.

I am here to encourage you to join online Business Analyst courses Florida if you have a passion in BA industry and want to pursue Business Analyst career. If you are thinking I am writing this blog because I am advertising for any training centers, you are wrong. I am writing
this blog because I have joined the training courses, and I am a skilled BA now.

How can I join Florida BA training program?

It is not hard for us to enroll the BA training Florida programs because its requirements are very simple than joining any programs in the university.

  • Must have at least college or bachelor degree in any areas relate to BA (business administration, finance, IT, accounting…)
  • No technical experiences required
  • Love and passion in BA industry
  • Transferable skills (negotiation skills, communication skills…)

Business Analyst – A way to build your dream and start your own business

I think some readers are wondering why I said “Business Analyst – A way to build your dream and start your own business”.
Yes, it is true. If you have read many published articles about BA, I think you will know about the salary of a Business Analyst. With that salary, we can open our own business in 10 or 15 years. Just talk about Indeed, there are approximately 14 thousand opening jobs for BA and more than 10,000 BA will be paid more than $70,000 per year and 2,000 BA will be paid more than $100,000 per year.
Besides, with many experiences, skills, and knowledge that we have gained during the time we are working as a BA, we can run the business by our self.
In case, you are wondering why BA career is one of the top highest salaries in the world, these are the reasons:

  • Location: The Business Analysts work in the capitals are pay higher than others locations because of high living cost.
  • Field of specialization: Business Analyst who specializes in IT domain are paid higher (more than $80,000 per year) than Business Analysts who work at American Express (around $50,000 per year).
  • The scope of responsibilities: Business Analysts receive a high salary because of their scope of responsibilities which not only cover the business analysis, they also manage the stakeholder and team.
  • Level of expertise: with many years experiencing in this industry as well as the educational qualifications, BA will be paid the high salary
  • People management: Business Analyst’s job scope includes all the works which relate to the employees and management, so they are paid higher because it is an important job.

If you are thinking they are paid the high salary, maybe because they paid the amounts of money to study and gain the certifications. You can erase that thinking out of your head because I have joined so many training courses and the fees are very acceptable and affordable. As I know, the fees are around $500-800 per course, and you will have a chance to study with the real BA experts in BA industry.

Top reasons why should us join BA training courses and become a Business Analyst

Unlike the university, most Business training courses Florida always help their trainees in their initial steps before step into the real BA industry.
After the course finished, you must take the mock interviews with your BA experts in order to have a good preparation. During the interview session, you will be exposed the 7 steps of successful interviews:

  • Research clearly about the potential company
  • Understand the BA theory and its industry
  • Learn how to summarize yourself in 3 minutes
  • Research and practice the tricked questions
  • How to build a strong impression with the interviewers
  • Research about the company’s competitors and the latest news in BA industry
  • Send a thank you letter to the company after the interview

Some people are really worried about their future job because they are afraid of not finding a job after graduated or finish any training courses.
Let I tell you, there is a support job placement service in these training centers. Some of them have guaranteed and supported you 100% job placement.
Therefore, there is no reason that we do not start and pursue our career as a Business Analyst.