Beginner Guide: The Important Quality Assurance Knowledge For Self-Study Students

Quality Analyst has become one of the dreamiest careers for lots of fresh graduates and for those who are looking for a job which brings them a huge chance to expand their career. As you know it is not hard for us to become a quality assurance tester, and lots of published articles have been written to introduce and show to the fresh graduates that joining IT quality assurance training courses is one of the best ways to pursue quality assurance career. On the others hand, many people decide to study by themselves through qa testing training material or finding best online qa training to join.
Everything has the advantages and disadvantages. When we do not have much time or budget does not allow, we have to study by our self.
I can tell you that quality assurance is nota difficult object, and you can study by yourself. However, if you decided to not join any quality assurance analyst training courses, these are some important information that you should know.

Understanding the difference of Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Nowadays, it is very easy for us to find thefree online training courses for software testing on the internet with lots of free quality analyst training material. Unfortunately, it brings a misunderstanding with lots of fresh graduates.
I believe that studying by ourself will help you understand deeply about quality assurance. You must take time to research and research to know more about it. However, there are not many of you realize the differences between quality analyst and others quality, and one of it is the difference between quality assurance and quality control.
Lots of fresh graduates are misunderstanding that Quality Assurance and Quality Control are the same, but with a different name. The reason that makes people think it is the same because it is often used synonymously and sometime it might be interchangeable. In fact, they are the two different important roles which work together and contribute directly to the effectiveness of a quality management system (QMS).

Not only you and me; sometimes, quality analyst and quality control are confused by themselves because of their responsibilities overlap. Moreover, it also causes many difficulties for the managers and related members to understand these twos as well as how they work together.

Firstly, let I tell you the similarity of QA and QC and what is Quality – Quality Management?

According to ISO 9000, “Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent, existing characteristics of an object fulfills requirement”. They also stated that Quality Management is the processes which include establishing the quality policies, quality objectives in order to achieve the quality objectives through the quality assurance, quality control and quality planning.
In other words, both quality analyst and quality control are responsible for the success of QMS and determining whether the work is acceptable or not.
As you see, both positions are quite different, but it has a very important role in every organization and that is why lots of large IT companies are hunting skilled and professional QA and QC.

Now, what is the difference between QA and QC?

I think now you know the similarity between QA and QC in the organizations. Now, I am going to show you the difference between these two roles.

  • Quality Analyst. Quality Analyst is the person who checks the accuracy of the data and the test procedures which are used by the quality control personnel. In general, they are responsible to assure the development of a process of every product is sufficient in order to reach its objective and customers’ expectation.
  • Quality Control. Quality Control is known as the main part of quality management and focuses on fulfilling the quality requirement. They are the person who performs the testing and responsible for the controlling the quality of the performed works. Moreover, qc personnel also take a responsibility to detect the bugs or defects of a product after it is developed through the testing process.

In other words

  • Quality Analyst focuses on the development process and Quality Control focuses on the standard of a product.
  • Quality Analyst checks and ensures the quality of a product and Quality Control identifies the bugs and defects in a product which need to be fixed

Let make it in simple words, Quality Analyst is used as a preventive measure and Quality Control is used as a corrective approach.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Management

During my workshops, I realize that many of you also misunderstand between quality assurance and quality management.
As a qa of an organization, your role and your work contribute directly to the success of a business. In order to do that, you must acknowledge the differences between you and others staffs.
I think you are clear that quality assurance is the function of the product quality. It guarantees the processes or the procedures and standards are suitable with the project and reach its requirements.
However, what is Quality Management? Let I explain it in simple words, Quality Management is the practice of development plans. It is used to determine which standards will be used or applied to a project.
As you see although it supports each other, its main tasks are completely different. Let I show you in the details:

  • While Quality Assurance ensures the quality requirements, Quality Management determines is the project compliant with the provided quality specifications or not?
  • Quality Assurance is the process to identify the weaknesses in producing process in order to improve the product quality and Quality management is analyzing and eliminating the problems or errors which bring to an incorrect product.
  • Quality Assurance basically focuses on the process of quality and Quality Management focuses on the consideration of the lower level details.

These are the main differences between QA and Quality Management, and lots of fresh graduates do not know about this when they are studying by themselves.

Are you confusing? Are you worried?- Why do not you join qa qc training courses?

I hope these above information will help you understand some basic differences between QA and other Quality. However, if you think it does not enough for you before working as a real quality analyst or you think it will be difficult for you to study by yourself after reading the above information. You can find and join some qa analyst training courses.
Do you know there are lots of qa training centers available in the market? They do not only provide you the important knowledge about qa, they also support you on your skills and job.
If you are worried about your time and budget, you can throw away that now. Why?

As I said before there are the hundreds of quality assurance analyst training courses available now. It means that they offer you a great chance to study with an affordable fee in order to compete with othersqa training providers.
I do not mention about the best qa training and placement centers because its fees will be really high, and of course, they have the best qa training courses for you. I am mentioning about the affordable qa training centers where provide you a high-quality qa analyst training course with a very suitable price.

I do not how much are you willing to pay for a training course, but I can sure with you that with your $300-400, you will have a high-quality online software qa training course.
I know some of you worry about the quality of a training center. No matter how cheap they offer to us, we still have a right to worry; especially, many people usually think a cheap thing is not good as an expensive one. If you worry about the quality, then I suggest you should join their free qa training and placement center. However, it is just a short training course which is around 1-2 weeks. Through these free qa analyst training course, you will have some information about qa career and determine should you join their training courses or not.
You might think that I am here to advertise for my qa training center. Unfortunately, I do not have my own business. The purpose that makes me suggest you join qa IT training courses because through these courses, you will be taught lots of important knowledge and if you have any questions, you can ask directly your instructors. As you see, it does not only save you much time for researching, it also helps you explain what you do not understand immediately.
If you are too busy, you can choose an online software qa training course. Whether you are studying in-class or online quality assurance training courses, you still have a chance to study and discuss directly with the experienced and professional qa. Besides that, it does not take you much time because it only takes you 5-6 weeks to complete the course and you will be a qa.

Let I show you the software testing training outline in order to help you know what you will learn. However, it is just the sample and might be changed depending on your training center. In 4 to 6 training weeks, you will learn:

  • Manual and Automation Testing
  • What are Software and Software Testing?
  • What are defects, errors and bugs?
  • Understand Characteristics of the successful QA Testers
  • Abbreviation and important industry terms
  • What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • What is Defect Life Cycle?
  • What is a Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing?
  • Understand the different states involved in DLC
  • Understand defect tracking parameters
  • What is Software Development Methodologies
  • What is Software Testing Levels in SDLC (Methodologies)
  • Understand White Box Testing and Black Box Testing
  • Understand User Acceptance Testing
  • Understand Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Backend Testing and Security Testing
  • How to write Test Scripts?
  • What is Test Data and Test Log?
  • What is Text Execution?

These are the samples of what you will learn from the quality assurance analyst training courses. During the training courses, you will be taught more than that and also practiced with qa training experts. They believe the best ways to support you becoming a qualified qa is practicing. That is why lots of professional qa advise the fresh graduates should join quality assurance training courses if they seriously choose this career.
As you see, you can study by yourself to become a qa. However, sometimes it does not always bring us the positive results. As a qa, most of your works are related to software and you take the main responsibility in it, so you must be trained through practice and practice before working a real qa. Do not worry if you truly love qa and not afford to join qa training classes. There are many qa training centers provide a special discount up to 70% if you are the excellent fresh graduate. As a qa training expert, I want you to acknowledge that whether you are a qa or not, you must usually train your skills and update your knowledge in order to bring the best results for your work as well as the projects.

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