5 Top Reasons Why You Do Not Have A Success On Your Quality Analyst Career

Are you hunting the best way to be a qualified quality analyst? How do you think about quality assurance career? Are you in your right career or you made a mistake? Nowadays, lots of people decide to pursue quality assurance because it brings many positive benefits to both their career and private life. Simply joining any qa training USA, you can become a quality analyst. Of course, it is right. However, it brings many negative effects to the fresh graduates. Many fresh graduates started to follow this interesting career when they know it has a high salary and bring them a huge chance to expand it. Unfortunately, they decided to quit this job after few months because they could not handle the job pressure.
Instead of finding the reasons why it is unsuccessful, they decide to quit the job. I met a guy a few months ago. He decided to quit qa because he found out this is not a suitable job for him. When I asked him how long have you been in this industry, and 2 years was his answer. He explained to me lots of reasons why he quitted, but it sounds quite ugly when one of it was his friend advised and encouraged him. After knowing this is an opportunity career, he quitted his current job which is an experienced marketer in the hospitality industry to be a new quality analyst.
Like lots of articles mentioned, it will be very for us to be a qa. Just have a bachelor degree and basic computer skills, you will have a seat in software quality assurance training courses. Moreover, with your study hard, they also guarantee a job placement with 100% you will gain a job after finish the course.

Quality Assurance – A job for those who love it

A guy I met, after joining software qa training and placement, with his hard study, he got a job but unfortunately, this is not the right decision when he chose qa career and he never truly loved it.
Look at that story; I think you can realize something for yourself.

Nowadays, there are lots of fresh graduates start to follow this career since they find out its benefits and a huge demand in the numbers of skilled quality analysts. In fact, it is not easy for you to become a skilled or experienced qa and be hunted by many leading companies.
Do you know we must take more than 3-4 years working as a new quality analyst in order to become a skilled qa. In that 3 or 4 years, you must handle lots of tasks and complete it smoothly and fully. Let look at the sample works of a qa tester in a software company.
As a junior quality analyst of a software company, you must:

  • Ensure the clients’ requirements are understood clearly in the documented form
  • Estimate the cost and auditing
  • Analyze the quality design
  • Checking the coding quality in order to ensure the quality output and reach client’s expectations
  • Checking and remove the bugs or defects

These above information are just some simple tasks of a qa, and your work will be more when you are working as a real qa. In fact, if you like this job and want to be a part of qa industry, these are just the simple tasks.
Are you worried after reading above information? If you have a passion in this industry and worry that you are in the right career path or not, you can join free software testing training and placement or any free online qa training and placement.

Joining free quality analyst training course is necessary

The main reason that you should join these free courses because it is a chance for you to have a deep look about qa industry in order to decide should you pursue this career or not? Like it names, it is a free training course and will only take you a few hours at your weekend, and I do not think any reasons that we do not take times to go to these free courses. It helps us know more about quality assurance industry and know what we will do when we are a quality analyst.
However, you must know that there are not lots of software testing training and placement in USA provide you these free courses, so you can google and find yourself one.
Let I help you. Based on my experiences, these are the high-quality qa training centers which provide to the students are free qa training courses, but it has the limited seat, so you should call or email for more information.

These qa training centers do not only provide you a deep look about qa industry, they also give you the free qa training classes in order to show you their teaching methods and how they support you on the way become a successful qa.
Each training center has different software testing training outline, but mostly the free training courses outline will be quite similar. This is the course outline of a qa training center USA.

  • Understand what is quality assurance? and who is a quality analyst?
  • Today job market and opportunity for QA tester
  • What is software testing & what is a quality of software?
  • Hierarchical structure of QA team in an industry
  • Characteristics of the successful QA testers
  • What is Software Development Life Cycle?
  • What is Software Testing Life Cycle?
  • The role of QA in all the phases of SDLC and STLC
  • What is a defect and bug life cycle?

As you see it will be really helpful when we join a free training course. Actually, this is also a chance for those who want to consolidate some basic knowledge before taking qa exam.

Willing To Learn and Work Hard

If you have thought clearly and qa is your right decision, you must know that passion does not enough to help you succeed in this career. As a qa, most of our tasks are related to the technology which is developing and might change day by day, if we do not update the important and necessary knowledge, we cannot be a successful qa.
You can easily meet an experience and professional qa in any qa workshops, meetings or confessions which relate to IT. They believe through these meetings, they will have an opportunity to meet another skilled qa to share and update the experiences and knowledge, so why not you?

Do you know as a new qa, it will be the large advantages for you when you come to these meeting? It is not only a chance for you to be friends with many skilled and professional qa, it is also an opportunity for you to earn experiences which have taken them many years to earn.

Realize and Training Important QA Skills

I think I do not need to talk much about this because all of you have known clearly that no matter what kinds of are you working with, the skills always contribute directly to your working attitudes and how it is completed.
Many new quality analysts are advised to join a training session to help them improve their skills, but they think that these skills can be improved while they are working. Of course, while you are working, your skills will be consolidated, but it will take you much time and might cause some problems which will affect directly to your success.

5 Important Skills For A Successful Quality Analyst

If you want to be a successful qa, you must know which are the important skills of a qa and try to strengthen it as soon as we can. It does not only help us complete fully the works, but it also brings us to the success.

I think I do not need to explain to you why this skill is important to a qa. As a qa, if you do not want to be left behind, you must know which are the current technologies, tools, programming languages and techniques. In other words, you need to have the top-notch technique skills.

Like the name of job – quality analyst.  This is one of the most important skills of a qa. It allows them to figure out what wrong with the software, are there any bugs or defects and which are the suitable solutions for that? Are you not good at this skill? Do not worry because you can build and improve this important skill through practices.

As a qa, we might handle many tasks at the same time and work with many people. Therefore, if you manage your time well, it will bring many positive results for the project.

I do not how many quality analysts in your company. It might be only you, two or three. No matter how many qa, you must acknowledge that you are the person who talks and works with the programmers and other team members. In that case, teamwork skill will help you understand their goal and explaining the problems and solutions for related teams who do not much knowledge about software

You can easily see this skill belongs to one of the top important skills with all analysts including quality analyst. As a quality analyst, it would be very proud that you find the errors and bugs in the software, but it is the unhappy information to the developers. That is the time that communication skill will help you. Moreover, this skill also helps you work fluently with other team members.
Now, I think you know clearly why lots of people choose qa career, but not many of them become a successful qa. I strongly encourage you to join free software testing training and placement because this is the chance for you to know should you become a quality analyst or not. Moreover, if you truly want to be a qa, you must usually update the latest IT trends and improve all necessary skills.

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