4 Reasons Why Quality Analyst Should Join Business Analyst Training Program

Quality Analyst has become one of the powerful careers since the technology developed rapidly. Quality Assurance is also known as Quality Software Testing. Quality Analyst’s responsibilities are really diversified. Mostly, they are the person who is responsible for checking and detecting the bugs, defect or any software errors during the process in order to ensure the working processes work continuously and properly. Sometimes, they might work as a person who manages and develops the products quality in order to reach the customers’ demands and requirements.  Nowadays, the role of Quality Analyst becomes more and more important. Some large companies only recruit the QA who also has a BA certification in order to help them gain a certain position in the market. Therefore, that is the reasons why you have seen lots of QA training center USAdecide to combine BA and QA training courses. Do you know this is the great opportunity for you and those who want to expand fully a BA and QA career?
If you are reading this blog, I sure that you are considering to join any Business Analyst training programs or looking for the reasons why you are advised to register for BA training course.
I am not sure, but I think you might have some information about business analyst before coming to this blog. Let I summarize shortly about Business Analyst industry for you.

What and Who is Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is a person who works with various teams and people in the organization (known as the stakeholders). Similar with a qa tester, business analyst’s responsibilities are quite large and they play a necessary role in every organization. They need to work and manage the stakeholders, they have to analyze the data and find the potential solutions for occurred problems. Sometimes, they can be known as an assistant of a manager or a director.

Some people are afraid of these two careers because they think these are two different careers, how can work and handle the tasks. In fact, you must know that both QA and BA are working in the IT industry. It means that although the main job is quite different, it supports each other on the others sides.
In order to help you understand why many top companies are hunting a quality analyst who has a Business Analyst certification, I will show some benefits and information which you rarely see on the internet.

You might not believe me, but I am an experienced QA with an advanced BA certification. Before gaining for myself this BA certification, I was advised by many professional BA. Like you, I thought why do I should take the combined BA & QA course? And why should I pay my money to join a Business Analyst training course when my desired career is quality assurance.
Do you know I feel really thankful to those who forced and encouraged me to join BA courses although it has been 4 years. My works were done effectively more than I thought and I jumped to a higher position within a year after having a BA certification.

This is the results when an experienced quality analyst has a business analyst skills and knowledge.

  • The problems can be caught at the early stage which helps the business reduces effectively the cost and bring the better result to the business.
  • Fully ensure the product will reach the business objectives and customers’ expectation.
  • Eliminate fully the traditional role of quality analyst. When a qa has the business analyst knowledge and skill, they can participate at the beginning of the project which helps the business can detect the errors or problem earlier.

When you are taking these two positions at once, you will be called as a Business/Quality Analyst (BQA).

Do you know the salary of a business analyst is much higher than your current position? Through many published articles, it clearly showed that the average salary of a business analyst is annually more than $70,000 per year whereas the average salary of a quality analyst is $55,000.
Although these are the two important positions in the company, the gap of salary between qa and ba are really large. One of the main reasons that make Business Analyst is paid higher than Quality Analyst is the job responsibilities.

It means that if you are a qa and also take responsibilities of a ba, your salary will be much higher. Especially, it will be increased up to thousand dollars per year when you are the professional.

Have you ever enroll any quality assurance analyst training course before? If yes, I think you know it is very easy for us to join thesoftware quality assurance training courses as well as business analyst training program. All of ba and qa training centers USA only require the students their bachelor degree to join the courses no matter what kinds of training courses are.
In case, if you are the fresh graduate and decide to join the combined quality assurance and business analyst training course, you must know thatit is only available in some states in the USA. Base on my experiences, I can suggest that you should look for join software testing training Houston TX, software testing training Chicago and software testing training in Los Angeles. These are the best software testing training in USA where you can learn with the real BA and QA experts.

Many fresh graduates email me that “I am an experienced quality analyst; I just finished the business analyst training course. Do I need to get a business analyst certification? Actually, my boss knew I joined and finished the business analyst course?”

I can tell you that if you are working at my company, no matter what kinds of business analyst training courses or software quality assurance training courses that you took. If you do not apply your extra certification for a higher position, I will never give that position to you.
Lots of people are worried about the exams. Luckily, the ECBA exam is very simple (ECBA – entry certificate in business analyst). It contains 50 multiple choice questions which are asking you all the basic knowledge of business analyst, and I sure you can pass it if you study hard.

If you are too worried for ECBA exam and you want a secure thing to help you pass the exam. I advise you should read BABOK Guide and make sure you understand deeply all the knowledge in that book. Let I tell you one interesting thing, do you know you can find all the answers for your ECBA exam in that book?
Do not tell me that I will stay at home and read that book then joining the ECBA exam for certification. I am really sorry to say that you do not have enough standard to join the exam. Why?
You must know that in order to join this examination, you must show that you have at least 21 hours studying with professional or experts. Therefore, you must join the training courses whether it is in-class or online business analyst training course for beginners.

Similar with many in-class and online software qa training courses, you can easily find yourself an affordable BA training courses which are less than $500 per course. Moreover, these training courses are also led by the real QA and BA training experts, so there is no reason that we do not join and learn from the experts’ experiences.
Are you afraid of the training center quality? I can suggest you some training courses which are evaluated by lots of people who include me and my friends. These are qa training in Charlotte NC, qa training in Dallas and qa training in New York. All of these training centers offer to the students the high-quality training course with a very affordable fee in order to help every individual can become a qualified QA and BA.

As I mentioned before, when the company hires a Quality Analyst who also has a BA knowledge and skills, they can easily achieve all the projects and gain themselves a certain position in the market.
I know lots of people are wondering about the responsibilities of a BQA (quality analyst with BA knowledge and skills as well as a business analyst with QA knowledge and skills), theseare your answers:

  • Build and develop the quality of a project. BQA will work with the product owners and project manager to understand clearly about the requirements and formulate the right and suitable strategies in order to ensure the products’ quality.
  • Monitor the quality strategies. This is the stage which points clearly the role of Business/Quality Analyst in the project. As a BQA, you have to monitor all the quality of a project which includes checking and fixing the manufacturing process if it occurs any issues.
  • Support the developer in testing the software. This is another advance of BQA. As you know all the developers must be involved in every project and every project is different. Therefore, when QA works as a BQA, it allows them can be involved in the project in the early stage to manage the project and support the developers.
  • Provide feedback on usability. Not only support the developers or monitor the project, BQA also takes responsibility in identifying the usability challenges and finding the suitable solution to improve the system.

As you see it is not hard for you to become Business/Quality Analyst. However, you must know that when you take both responsibilities at once, it means the more pressures you will take. It is true that it will bring you much money and interesting experiences when you work as a BQA. However, if you do not complete your tasks fully, this position might belong to another person. Therefore, I advise you should think carefully before making a decision about this.

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