Four Main Jobs and Eight Important Skills of A Skilled Business Analyst

As you know Business Analyst job scope is infinite; there are so many tasks that the Business Analysts can be involved, such as project managers, soft testers, strategic analysts, and so on. In IT companies, Business Analysts are the very important position, they can be known as the bridge to link human and IT solutions together. Most business experts believe that this is one of the most important positions in the companies, and they are willing to pay the high salary for hiring Business Analyst professionals in order to grow up their businesses.
This is the top four main works of BA in every organization.

  • Collecting or gathering all the data and analyzing it. For example, market research and survey, sale data or revenues. Then, converting and analyzing the data in order to find the problem and suitable solutions for the business.
  • Notifying the managers or directors about the details of analyzed data; then, create the meeting in order to find the solutions or methods to develop the business.
  • After reporting the data and gathering the meeting, Business Analyst will be the one who gives the solutions or methods to the managers or directors in order to solve the current issues.
  • Finally, after fully identify the problems, BA and the team will implement the solutions (mostly IT solutions). BA will be the person who oversees the steps in order to make sure the implementation is on the right track.

Because of the job requirements, it is not easy for the fresh graduates and any employees become a skilled Business Analyst. In order to become a real Business Analyst and hired, you must have these 8 qualifications and skill sets:

  • Writing and verbal communicating fluently
  • Basic knowledge of the engineering system’s concept
  • Analyzing skills to analyze the documents and data
  • Domain knowledge. It helps the Business Analyst can handle many works
  • Leadership. To manage the stakeholders and the staffs. Lead the staffs in the projects
  • The wide knowledge about IT software as well as the latest the modeling methods and techniques
  • MS office and Presentation. BA works will relate to documents and presentation, so this skill allows for BA can analyze, do and create the presentation easily and effectively.
  • Experiences and qualifications. Because this is an important position, so if you have many qualifications and many years’ experiences, there will be a huge chance for you to have a job in the top company.

Business Analyst Today Job Market

With some people, Business Analyst might be the difficult job; however, if you love the Business Analyst industry, it is not only the huge chance for you to have a stable career with the high salary; it will also be the great opportunity for you to expand your career.

Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that American companies or American employers will need approximately 876,000 Business Analysts professionals for their businesses by 2020. Moreover, Information and Communication Technology Council, 2011 also stated that there will be 171,000 needed Business Analysts professionals in Canada.
Base on the information in, the average salary of the BA is around $50,000 per year. However, this is just the basic salary of a BA. If you work for many years, you salary will be much higher. In fact, the salary of the experienced Business Analyst is higher around $60,000 – $80,000, and you can check it on or some recruitment website. Especially, the salary that Google or Deloitte pays for their Business Analyst is an extremely high – more than $100,000 per year.
Moreover, according to some recruitment websites, there are the huge needed numbers in BA in their sites:

  • Indeed: 6522 needed Business Analysts
  • Dice: 3545 needed Business Analysts
  • LinkedIn: 6900 needed Business Analysts
  • SimplyHired: 12078 needed Business Analysts

How can we become a successful Business Analyst?

Although there is the huge demand for BA recruitment since the companies are lacking skilled BA, the organizations only recruit the Business Analysts who reach the basic requirements. Therefore, if you want to become a real BA and have the job immediately after the graduation, it is quite impossible because of its strict requirements. In order to make it easier and effective, we should join many best Business Analyst training programs. Most of BA training courses are taught and the students are directed by the real BA experts, so you will have the huge chance to interact and learn from their real experiences which take you many years to know and earn.
Check this site for more needed information about BA:

The Top And Main Reasons Why All Companies Need Business Analyst

Do you know Business Analyst always plays an important role in the development of each business whether you are running a small or large company? It attracts lots of fresh graduates and people come to this industry, and it is not only because of this is the future career, but also because of its high salary. Lots of companies have paid the really high salary in order to attract the Business Analyst experts come to their companies. Before stepping into the real BA world, these are all the information that you must know.

Who is Business Analyst?

Business Analyst simply understands as a person who plays a vital role in the company’s projects. Their works involve in most companies’ projects, such as analyzing the documents, using the suitable IT solutions to solve the problems, presentation, managing the stakeholders and team, and so on. There are so many positions that Business Analyst must take when they
have many years’ experiences.

What is Business Analyst?

It is quite confused for us when a lot of articles mention that the responsibilities and the job scopes of Business Analysts are really large, and they bring the company to success. In simple and easy words, Business Analyst is the person who fills in the gap between every position or every department in the development of the organization. Because of the nature of Business Analyst, their job scopes will be:

  • Business Analyst will be worked with the managers of directors in order to identify opportunities and the right solutions to improve the processes as well as develop the business.
  • Business Analyst will be involved in creating and changing the Business Analyst.
  • Business Analyst will be interacting with the stakeholders and the managers, directors, and employees in order to help them understand the problems as well as finding the suitable solutions.
  • Business Analyst will be the person who collects and analyze the documents and data as well as gathering all the information from application and software. Then, find the suitable solutions and IT solutions to solve the problems as well as grow up the business.

Why the fresh graduates and the numerous of people start to pursue this career?

In 2008-2009, it can be seen as the disaster of every employee because of the economic crisis. The millions of employees are fired because their positions do not play an important role in the company. In fact, this disaster is still happening in these recent years. This is one of the reasons why the numerous of fresh graduates have been trying to find for themselves the stable and growing future careers. In this case, Business Analyst is seen as one of the dreamiest jobs for everybody because of its future career. According to Bureau of Labor Statistic, there are 876,000 needed Business Analysts professionals by 2020.

Moreover, if you look at some top recruitment websites like LinkedIn, Dice or Indeed, you will see Business Analyst recruitment is always on the top hunted job list with the average salary is $55,000 per year. In some large companies like Google or Deloitte, Business Analyst’s salary is much higher with more than $100,000 per year.

How can we become A Business Analyst?

It is fine that you do not graduate as a Business Analyst; you can become a real skilled BA by joining any Business Analyst training centers with your college or bachelor degrees in the non-IT field, such as business administration, information technology, programmer or accounting.
If you are in the final years of college or bachelor, you can enroll in these Business Analyst training courses by showing the certification statement from your university to the training centers. Most of them provide to the student both in-class and online Business Analyst training courses, so you can choose the suitable one depending on your schedule.

The first two benefits that all the fresh graduates will have when they study at the BA training centers are that they will learn from the real BA experts’ experiences, and they will have the mock interview with BA training specialist in order to have a perfect preparation for their job interview.
If you want to know more details- check this website:

Arkansas BA

Are you planning or thinking to start or change your future career as a Business Analyst? And are you finding the right Business Analyst training center for yourself and your friends? If yes, Business Analyst training courses Arkansas will be one of your first best choices.
Nowadays, there are the millions of fresh graduates and employees decide to start or change their career to Business Analyst because of its important and necessary role in each organization. As a BA, you will not worry about your future career as well as your income. has stated that there is more than 160,000 BA are hired in a month and approximately 120,000 are hired individually without the third parties like LinkedIn, Dice or Indeed. Besides that, the world will need approximately 880,000 Business Analysts in the years 2026, and the rate of BA job will rise more than 19% from 2016 to 2026.

Why should I become Business Analyst?

In case, you have worked as the employee in any companies for the few years, I think you will definitely see and know some people who have worked in their current position more than 5 years and cannot jump into higher position because of the job’s characteristics or do not have any chances.
If you are one of them, my advice for you is that thinking and planning to change your career into Business Analyst.
Some fresh graduates do not believe that Business Analyst can give them a chance to jump into the higher position in the few years. Just look at the picture, there are many positions that fresh Business Analysts can take and work after 3 or 5 years.

Consulting Company. After working as the BA for the first 3 to 5 years, you will become a senior associate. Then, with your knowledge and experiences, you will be worked as a director or a company’s partner in the next 10 to 15 years.

Private Equity and Venture Capitals Company. Likewise, with your skills and experiences, you will become the manager and director after 10 to 12 years working. Then, you will become the company’s partners. Dealing and buying the companies then supervise them is your main job.
Strategic Department.Most of the time, Business Analyst will be the person who works with the managers and directors. Your main job is managing the stakeholder, the team and analyzing the documents then finding the suitable solutions to solve the problems and develop the business. While working at the strategic department, you will have a chance to jump to CEO or VP.

Together with the huge chance for your career, that is the better salary and better job security. If you look at some of the recruitment websites, you will see the salary of Business Analysts usually higher than others jobs. According to the article “What is a Business Analyst and How Much Do They Make”, it clearly shows that the salary of BA is usually higher than some positions in the company.

  • Fresh Business Analyst: $35,000 – $50,000 per year
  • Experienced Business Analyst: $50,000 – $85,000 per year
  • Professional Business Analyst: $95,000 – $140,000 per year

Are you thinking it is impossible to receive that kind of salary with your degree and many Business Analyst training courses? It is the truth.
Actually, I was just a fresh Accountant graduate and by joining Arkansas Agile BA training programs, I have become a BA and skilled BA. Now, my salary is more than $80,000 per year and I also run my own business.

Why Business Analyst is usually paid higher than other positions?

As I mentioned, the salary of BA is much higher, and some people do not believe that. These are the reasons why Business Analysts receive that much money.

  • Location.  The salary of BA who works in the cities will be paid higher than in the countries because of the living cost.
  • Experiences. A lot of companies are willing to pay the extremely high salary for skilled and professional Business Analyst. Especially for those who are specialized in the IT industry.
  • The job’s scopes and responsibilities. This is the main reason why BA receives the high salary. As a Business Analyst, your job’s scopes and responsibilities are really large and important. You play an important role in the development and success of the organization. That is the reason why the company pays the huge money to attract the professional Business Analyst.

In short, these are the works and responsibilities that you must take when you work as a BA, skilled BA or professional BA.

  • Manage multiple tasks at once.
  • Manage the stakeholders and the team.
  • Solve and explain the stakeholders and the managers/ directors any problems and solutions.
  • Analyze the data and documents.
  • Lead and manage the team of engineers then execute their analyzed solutions.

How can I get Business Analyst certification?

It is not hard for you to get the Business Analyst certification and become the skilled BA. There are the thousands of BA training courses for the beginners as well as the professionals in the market.
One of the main reasons that I usually suggest my friends, my colleagues, and the fresh graduates join Business Analyst training centers than go to the universities is that studying in training center will be quicker, cheaper and more effective.
I am not here to force you joining BA training courses. I am here to encourage you becoming and getting Business Analyst certification through training centers.
By enrolling Arkansas Business Analyst training programs, I guarantee you will have a chance to learn the knowledge and gain experiences from the real BA experts who take responsibilities in many large companies.
Likewise, you will receive one of the most valuable Business Analyst certifications depending on the training courses that you are enrolled.

  • ECBA® – Entry Certification in Business Analyst®. This is the BA certification for beginners.
  • CCBA® – Certification of Capability in Business Analyst® for experienced BA (you must enroll advanced BA training courses).
  • CBAP® – Certification Business Analyst Professional ® – like it names, it is for BA professionals.

Top 5 Benefits when I study at Business Analyst at training centers

Besides of the affordable training courses, there are many others benefits that you can have when you enroll Business Analyst certification programs.

  • You will become one of the best Business Analyst candidates.
  • Learn and get the vast experiences from BA training experts.
  • Learn and get global BA certification as well as professional certification.
  • Learn and understand the challenges that most Business Analysts have to face and solve during the project.
  • Have the support fully for the job placement from experienced Business Analyst consultants.
  • Have a right to choose the suitable learning schedule for yourself – in-class and online BA training courses.

I enrolled 3 Business Analyst training centers, and one of the best BA training centers that I want to suggest and encourage you to join is Arkansas Business Analyst training programs.
Unlike other training centers, Arkansas training center supports their trainees fully from the first step of study to the job application and getting the job.

All of Business Analyst consultants encourage the students must register and join the mock interview in order to have the good preparation for their job application. By joining the mock interview, you will be provided 7 important recruitment steps. All the training specialists believe this is the best way to support the students before they step into the real BA world.

This is the basic 7 steps and you will be provided in the details when you join the training course.

  • How to talk about yourself in 3 minutes
  • How to write a good Resume
  • How to build a strong impression with your potential interviewers
  • How to answers the trick questions
  • How to research effectively the information about the potential company
  • Research about their competitors and the company’s upcoming events or projects
  • How to write thank you note to the interviewers

Although the job’s scopes and responsibilities of BA are really large, you will be led and directed everything from the scratch to the expert level by joining Arkansas Business Analyst training center. Especially, you will have an opportunity to talk, discuss and interact directly with the experienced training experts and become a skilled Business Analyst.

7 Ways to Choose The Right Business Analyst and Quality Assurance Training Center

As you see there are the thousands of published articles introducing the best Business Analyst and Quality Analyst training centers to you. However, do you know most of these articles are from the training centers in order to encourage you joining their training program? I am not here to say anything bad about these articles or the companies because most of the training companies still provide the good quality BA & QA training coursesand QA &BA certificationto the students as they mentioned. I am here to help you find and choose the right and good Business Analyst and Quality Assurance Training Center.
In fact, it is not hard for you to choose the best BA or QA training company. I can tell you that if you google these two phrases “Business Analyst training course for beginner” or “Quality Analyst training”, you can see the many top training companies. However, in order to choose the right one, you have to consider these important things.

Choose the qualified training cente

Before enrolling any QA &BA training course, you must ensure your chosen center has enough the qualification to provide the training courses. It means they must be certified by the Certification Governing Authority.
In case, you are looking for the best online BA andQA training programs, my advice for you is that you should find and choose the training center which does not belong to any individual Business Analyst or Quality Analyst.

I can tell you that do not be afraid if your current training center does not have the certification from the government. Take your time and find the reasons because they might get any problems during the certified process or they are the new training companies.

Choose the right learning types and schedule

Different training centers provide you the different learning styles and schedules. Since the technology has been raised rapidly, most of Business Analyst and Quality Assurance training centers provide to their students the in-class and online BA & QA training courses.
I know many fresh graduates who have paid much money to BA training courses. Although they choose the best training center, they could not complete the course and gain BA certification because they do not choose the right learning schedule.
My advice for you is that you must consider your life schedules before enrolling in any training courses. There are lots of Business Analyst and Quality Assurance training centers available for you, and if you are too busy, you can pick an online BA & QA training course.
Additionally, you can check there are also many best training centers offer you one to one training course which allows you choose your own learning schedule and study directly with the expert instructors.


Some people make the mistake when they think the expensive training courses are better than the normal one.
Yes, they are right, but not always like that. Actually, there are many affordable high-quality BA & QA training coursesavailable for you in the market. After the training courses, you still gain yourself all necessary QA &BA skills and knowledge. If you are the fresh graduates and want to pursue BA career, but you do not want to spend much money and still have the best training. I advise you should find some new BA and QA training centers which provide the special discount to the students. Furthermore, you can also choose and enroll in the online training courses. Mostly, all the training centers will provide to their students the very affordable best online QA & BA training.

Course content and duration

Most participants do not consider about the course content and its duration. Lots of fresh graduates, experienced Quality Analyst and skilled Business Analyst come to the training centers to get more information about the courses. However, they do not ask the Business Analyst consultant about the details of the course as well as its duration.
Do you know many BA and QA training centers provide to the students the clear and full details of the training courses content, but they do not have enough to teach students about that? As a result, they give the students the learning material and talk cursorily about the lessons.

Especially, you must determine how much time that you can spend on your training course. Many people paid much money in a training course, but they cannot complete the course because of the duration is longer than their free time.

Choose US-based instructors

This is the special point that you and all students must pay attention. If you wish you work at Fortune 500 companies or any companies in the USA, you have to find BA & QA training centers which have the instructors who worked, have worked or are working as the Business Analyst and Quality Analyst in any companies in the USA. The main reason because they can teach and train you on how the US-based IT projects work.
Do not worry if you are studying in the BA or QA training center which belongs to the foreigners. In fact, wherever you live we all have these kinds of training centers in our countries. Everything you need to do is finding more information about their instructors and make sure they work for US companies.

Qualified Instructors

When I suggest this idea to many fresh Business Analysts who want to upgrade their knowledge and BA certification, they said this is unnecessary. In fact, do you know there are lots companies only hire and work with experiences BA and QA who have more than a decade of experiences? Therefore, there is no reason that we do not study with them and gain our self their experiences and knowledge. If you are afraid of the fee, you choose an online training course.


Based on my experiences, reputation plays an integral role when your criterion is choosing the right and high-quality BA & QA training centers. Whether you choose the in-class, online or one to one training, you must study more about the company’s reputation as well as its teaching qualification.
This is the top 7 things that you must pay attention before choosing and enrolling in any QA & BA training centers. No matter what kinds of training course you are finding and choosing, and whether it is in-class, online or one to one course, you must study more information about the instructors because they will be one of the factors helping you become the BA and QA

6 Reasons Why You Do Not Join Business Analyst Training Center Is A Bad Idea

If you have read my blogs, I think you will know I am a professional Business Analyst, and I usually encourage the fresh graduates or any experienced staffs join Business Analyst training courses if they want to pursue andbecome Business Analyst. Many people after read my blogs, they email me and ask lots of questions about BA training courses; especially, the questions about Business Analyst instructors and Business Analyst certification. Today, I am going to explain and show you how BA training courses support your Business Analyst career.
Firstly, let take some minutes for those who did not read my previous blogs and looking for BA courses information, you should know these important points:

I mentioned this again because I received the vast numbers of emails asking “can I become BA with my current degree and it is not BA degree”.
Let discuss it again for the fresh graduates. In case, if you read my previous blogs, I am very happy that you keep this part and move to the next with more helpful information for you.
As I said, Business Analyst courses are for everybody, it means that no matter what kinds of degree you are holding, you can join the Business Analyst training courses. Most of these centers do not have any strict Business Analyst training requirements for their students as well as they will never ask you any IT degree, knowledge or working experiencesto join their courses.

As the fresh graduates, we always want to have a job with high salary and the chance to expand our career. I met many Business Analysts, and they are unemployed now.  I find out that the main reason that they chose BA career because of its high salary.
You must know that Business Analyst’s responsibilities are large, you will be involved in all projects, you will manage the stakeholders or you will be the person who supports the managers or directors when they are too busy. Therefore, if you do not have the desire to be BA, this job is not for you.
Now, if you sure you will be Business Analyst and look for the reasons why you should choose BA training centers than enroll at the university. I will explain it to you.

Flexible learning ways

This is one of the first things that make me suggest and encourage you to join training center than the university. Whether you are a fresh graduate, an employee or Business Analyst, you will have the right you choose your own learning schedule.
Most of the Business Analyst training USA centers only offer to the students the in-class and online Business Analyst training courses. Besides that, there are still many online BA training provide to their students a special BA course “one to one”. It means that you can choose your own learning schedule.

The experiences

This is the best benefit that you will have when you study at a training center. While studying at BA training center, you will have a chance to study directly with the Business Analyst experts.
Iam not saying there is no professional BA at university, the main point that I try to say here is if you study at the center, the chance for you to study with professional Business Analyst is much higher. Moreover, you can also interact and discuss directly with them whether it is online or in-class study.

If you do some researches about Business Analyst training centers, you will see clearly lots of Business Analyst training materials are written by their own Business Analysis instructors who have had more than 10 years working in Business Analyst field.

These materials will be used in teaching in order to help the students can learn from the instructors’ experiences and knowledge which have taken them lots of years to earn through various projects.

Support the students from the theories to practice

I think most of us know one of the best ways to become a skilled Business Analyst is that practice and practice. There is no way for us to be a successful Business Analyst if we do not gain and hoard for our self the huge Business Analyst knowledge and fluent BA skills.
I can say that no matter who you are – a fresh graduate, a fresh Business Analyst, an experienced Business Analyst or professional Business Analyst, you still need to update your knowledge and consolidate your skills.
Do you know besides learning from the experts’ experiences, you will be supported to improve all your skills and practice through the real case projects, and this is the bullet point that you rarely have when you enroll Business Analyst courses at any colleges or universities.

Business Analyst job placement

Whether you are in business analyst training for beginners or professionals, you still have this benefit. I think if you did do some research about BA training courses, you will know most of these centers support the students aBusiness Analyst job placement with 100% guarantee.
However, you should know that although they said and promised you will have a job after the courses, you must study hard to gain yourself this benefit.
I think you understand why I am saying about this. Many students were very upset when they did not gain a job after they finish the courses, and they criticized the BA centers for losing the promise. In fact, the main factor has led to this situation is because they did not study hard, miss class and assignments.
We all know Business Analyst job is not an easy job, and it is not for those who are lazy or not passion in it. If you missed 2-3 classes as well as the assignments, it clearly showed to the instructors that you do not have enough standard to become a real Business Analyst.
I can guarantee you one thing if you study hard, you definitely gain a job from 500 Fortune company.

Business Analyst training cost and duration

This is one of the first things that we always consider before enroll any BA training centers.
I am not sure about theBusiness Analyst training course duration at the university, but I can sure with you about itsBusiness Analyst training fee, and it is usually higher than in the center.
I do not know how much do you earn per month, but with the quality, fee and duration, BA center will be your best choice. Based on my experiences, most of the fees are $450- $600 per course, and you only need 5 to 7 weeks to complete the course.
If you are looking for the best Business Analyst training course with experienced instructors, it fees will be around $1,000 and less than 7 weeks per course.

It is suitable for everybody from every level

Why do you I say that?

All business analyst training centers in USA offer to the students many different training courses depending on their needs and level. The business analyst training programs are specially designed in order to suitable with every student.  Moreover, all training business analyst materials will be free for all of you during the course.
I know some Business Analyst training centers provide to the students a free business analyst training course in the first one or two weeks. Through the demo class, you will have a deep look about BA industry and think about your career “is it your right choice?”. During this, you will be taught about:

  • What is the business analysis?
  • Who is a business analyst?
  • Business analyst certifications and which is the right for you?
  • Multiple BA industry tools
  • The 8 important skillsets of Business Analyst

Now, I think you clear about the reasons why I advise my students join Business Analyst training centers. Besides of its flexible choices in learning, you also gain yourself a vast knowledge from the real Business Analyst experts. However, whether you are the fresh graduates or skilled Business Analyst, you must consider about the course duration and fee before enrolling because it might be affected by your life schedule. Moreover, I stronglyencourage you to find and join free business analyst demo class in order to give yourself the right decisions before step into BA industry.

6 Reasons Why Business Analyst Is A Job For Everybody

I think you have heard about the words “Business Analyst” and have some information about it before coming to my blog. It is very easy for me to say Business Analyst career contains and provides the huge benefits for those who desire it, and you can only know when you become a Business Analyst. Not only in USA, but also in some developed and developing countries, there is an increase in the numbers of fresh graduates and experiences staffs start to pursue this career through many business analyst training programs.
These information make us irresistible that Business Analyst is the potential industry, and it has successfully attracted the numerous of people; especially the youth. Are you wondering why lots of people decide to pursue Business Analyst career? Let I show you why!

Did you enroll any business analyst training in USA? You might not believe me, but it is true. A Business analyst is a job for everybody. It means that it is very easy for you to become BA. In other words, you just need to have a passion to become a Business Analyst and holding any bachelor degrees, you can register in any BA training centers from BA training New York, BA training Ohio to BA training Houston TX.

However, you have to know this although BA is a job for everybody, it does not mean Business Analyst’s responsibilities and job scopes are simple. Therefore, it also requires you must have the passion, necessary skills and BA certifications in order to work in this position.

As a fresh graduate, you just need these basic skills to be a new Business Analyst

  • Communication. Communication in Business Analysis does not only mean you will talk face-to-face with others people, but you must also be a good communicator in a virtual setting. This business analyst skill allows you communicate and discuss with the stakeholders effectively in order to gather the documents and the meeting.
  • Problem solving. As you know there is no project not having any problems, so as a BA, this skill is very important to you. You will be the person who understands and analyzes the problem, negotiate with the stakeholders and find the right solution for the business.
  • Documentation and specification skills. Do you know documentation can be considered as a subset of written communication, and one of your main jobs is communicating with the stakeholders? Therefore, if you want to become a Business Analyst, you must have an ability to create the clear and concise documents.
  • The world needs more skilled Business Analyst


As you know it is very for us to be a BA, but do you know the role of Business Analyst becomes more and more necessary in every business whether it is large or small size. In fact, Business Analyst industry is lacking of the numbers of skilled and professional Business Analyst, and this is also one of the main reasons it facilitates everybody an easy chance to be a BA.
Take a look at some recruitment websites; you will see clearly the total numbers of Business Analyst are needed not less than 4,000 per web. For example, Indeed need 6,522 BA, LinkedIn needs 6,900 BA and need 19,020 BA. This is a huge number and it will continue to increase in the next few years.

If you do not believe me, you can google and see clearly that the world will need more than 880,000 Business Analyst in the next ten years, and it is expected to rise up to 19%.
Through these results, I can guarantee if you are a skilled Business Analyst, you will be hunted by many companies around the world with a high salary.

This is another reason has made Business Analyst become an attractive job for everybody. If I am not showing the evidence, I think you do not believe the salary of a Business Analyst is really high. Look at this picture. Whether it is a monthly or timely payment, it is still much higher than lots of other positions in an organization.

Let I make this more clearly for you in this picture, and I just found it a few days ago. Before having this picture, lots of students do not believe me when I said the salary of a new Business Analyst is annually more than $43,000.

I am not sure about other position in an organization, but I can sure with you the time that you use to expand your career in Business Analyst industry is much shorter than lots of other careers. Why am I saying that or you do not understand what does it mean? Let I explain to you.
No matter what kinds of company that you will be working with, it only take you 3 to 5 years to jump to a senior position. Furthermore, if you are a hardworking BA, usually update your knowledge and achieve all the projects, I guarantee you will be the director or run your own business within 15 years.
If you do not believe me, you can ask any instructors or business analyst consultant in Business Analyst training center. I think you might know this interesting information – one of the owners of your training center is professional Business Analyst.
I am saying that because most of the high-quality business analysis training centers belong to a professional BA. If you are looking for a BA training program, I suggest you should try to know its owners, and you should only enroll if one of them is the professional Business Analyst. The reason is because they are the person who loves BA and will willing to teach and support you become a real Business Analyst.

I think not only you or me, lots of people are afraid of the exams. Although we study all the lessons, we still have to face with the pressure. Luckily, ECBA examination is very easy and we can complete it without any pressure.
However, do not ask me that do I need to study or practice because I said this is an easy examination. Yes, this is an easy Business Analyst examination, but you can only pass if you have a well preparation.

I can tell you that there will be 50 multiple choice questions and most of it is from BABOK Guide, so everything you need to do to get this BA certification is focusing on the lesson in BABOK Guide. If you are planning to get this exam, I want to you make sure that you have joined any business analyst training courses because of its requirements.

Unlike other business analyst exams, ECBA does not ask you any working experiences, but it requires you must have at least 21 hours of professional development training. It means that you must have at least 21 hours studying with Business Analyst instructors within 4 years. Simply enroll business analyst training certification programs for beginners; you will be eligible to take the exam.

In order to get an advanced and professional Business Analyst certification, you must show your working experiences in BA field. Similar with ECBA, you have to show 21 hours of professional development to take the exam.

I can tell you that if you are planning to take an advanced BA certification – CCBA certification (Certification of Capability in Business Analyst), you can save your business analyst training cost by taking it after 3-4 years having ECBA certification because you do not need to enroll a BA course to get 21 hours of training.
Besides of BABOK Guide version 3, you must also make sure you have a deep understanding about these knowledge. If not, then you should join BA course for ensuring your coming BA exam as well as getting a evidence about 21 hours of professional development training.

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Requirement Elicitation Techniques in SDLC
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Unit Testing, Sanity Testing, System Testing
  • GUI & Unit Testing
  • Business Requirement Gathering tools
  • Regression and User Acceptance Testing

These are all 6 top reasons that why lots of professionals and experts saying Business Analyst is an attractive job for everybody. As you see, it is very easy for us to become a BA, but you must have the desire to be a part of BA industry because its job scopes are very large. Besides that, I also advise you not worry about BA examination because if you study hard, it will be extremely easy for you. However, you must show your working experiences if you take CCBA or professional BA certification (CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional).

6 important information before become QA

Quality Assurance is also known as “Quality Analyst”. Together with business analyst, project manager or investment manager, a quality analyst has involved in lots of organizations and it has been evaluated one of the most necessary positions which brings the success to the company. Since that, the huge numbers of fresh graduates have seen a Quality Analyst career is their target career. The numerous of questions about Quality Assurance industry have been asked on the internet as well as in the workshop. Today, I am going to provide to you all necessary questions that you must know before becoming a Quality Analyst.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the systematic process which is used to establish and maintain all the requirements to develop and manufacture the product and ensure the products or services reach customers’ demands and expectation.

Who is Quality Assurance Analyst?

Quality Analyst is the person who responsible for designing and executing the system testing from the simple to complex implementation. They are also a person who makes sure the products or services reach the company’s requirements and customers’ expectation.

Quality Analyst’s responsibilities in the organization

Most fresh graduates are wondering what they will do after they become a Quality Analyst.
It is not hard for me to answer this question, but you must know that depending on the type of business that the organization is running to define the responsibilities of Quality Analyst in that company.

Now, I am going to explain the basic works of a quality analyst when they are in a software company.

  • Ensure all the requirements (clients & stakeholders) are clearly understood with the clear documentation.
  • Assure the quality of resources before starting the project in order to meet the clients’ expectation.
  • Estimate the cost, audit and quality vigilance
  • Analyze the quality design and tools
  • Check the coding quality in order to determine it reaches the customers’ expectation or not as well as ensure its quality output.
  • Conduct the external auditing and remove bugs or defects.
  • Check the feasibility on different aspects.
  • Get the feedback and check the quality of maintenance.

Understand the different between Quality Analyst and Quality Control

The main reason that I am going to explain this question to you is that lots of fresh graduates are misunderstanding about these two positions. In fact, quality control and quality analyst’s responsibilities are different. While QA ensures the products or service meet customers’ requirements, quality controls are the people who check the products or services in order to reject or accept it before entering it into the market.

Top 5 Important Quality Analyst’s Skills

Communication skill

I think many of you are wondering why QA need this skill and why do I put it in the first?
Do you know it would be really proud if a Quality Analyst finds any bugs or errors in the system? However, it might cause a negative effect to the developers, the designers or the programmers, so QA must know how to communicate in order to not affect them and still bring the best result to the business.
Besides that communication is also very important to a successful, and it is known as formal and informal communication. Informal communication is the way that QA uses to contact with the developers, testers or any people who involve in the manufacturing. Formal communication is how QA writes bug sheets, test cases and many related documents.

Confrontation skill

When I mentioned this Quality Analyst skill to my students, they asked me “Why I need this, my tasks are ensuring the quality of final products or service?” In fact, do you know this confrontation skill allows you standing up and point out the risks? On the other sides, if the superiors think not suitable to the business anymore, you must be able to pass it.

Critical thinking

It means that you must be able to think differently with other people and be able to think as the end users to find the problems and mistakes. QA will use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths, weaknesses and solutions; then, suggesting to the developers and business analyst how to make the software free bugs and errors and how to develop effectively the system.

Time Management

As the part of manufacturing team, we all know that the products only be achieved if we have the accurate plan of all the preliminary works as well as planning the testing process. Because of that, time management is one of the most important factors with all analysts who include Quality Analyst. By understanding what you need to do and how to do it, the works will be more accurate and efficient as well as you can deliver the project with the best results before the deadline.

Willing to learn

As we know the technology is changing day by day, and as the quality analyst who works related to IT industry, you must always update your knowledge, programming languages, tools, frameworks and design techniques if you do not want to be fired. I know and met some people who call themselves as the professional quality analyst, but they do not willing to learn new thing; as a result, they fall behind the young and experienced QA, and their works’ results are not good as the expectation.

Only 3 requirements to become Quality Analyst

Since QA becomes an attractive job, lots of fresh graduates are trying to be a QA, but they are afraid of a different degree. I received the numerous of emails just to ask me “I graduated bachelor but it is not Quality Assurance degree, so can I become Quality Analyst?”. My answer for all of you is yes,
Base on my experiences and knowledge, there are no strict requirements for you to become a Quality Analyst. Besides of the 5 above necessaryQuality Analyst skills, you just need these 3 things:

  • At least college or bachelor degree
  • A passion to become a quality analyst
  • A basic knowledge about computer

Do you know Quality Assurance is a dependent job and everyone can join this industry?

No matter what kinds of degree that you are holding now, you can become a QA by joining any Quality Analyst training programs. However, because its working nature, this job is only for people who love and desire in QA industry.

Now, if you sure that you choose to be Quality Analyst, you can continue to read the blog.
I strongly advise and encourage you to enroll Quality Analyst training courses if you graduated. The main reason because when you study at the training centers, you will have these benefits:

  • Save much time and fee – It just takes you around 4-6 weeks with less than $600 per course to be a Quality Analyst.
  • More options to choose your learning schedule – Lots of QA training centers offer to the students an online, in-class and one to one training. It provides to the students more choice to choose their learning schedules.
  • Learn and experience – This is the advanced point that you will only have when you study at a training center. During the training course, you will discuss lively and interact directly with the instructors. All of them are experienced and expert QA, so you can learn from their knowledge and real experiences.

If you are thinking to become Quality Analyst, I hope all of the above information is helpful for you. Actually, a quality analyst is asked to work in a variety of field depending on the projects as well as the companies’ requirements. However, it is still an interesting job for those who love it, and it is very easy for us to become a QA with a high salary (approximately $50,000 per year). If you are the busy person, you can register an online class or one to one, I can guarantee you the quality of these Quality Analyst coursesis the same with in-class training.

5 Important Information That Every Fresh Graduates Needs to Know About Business Analyst Career

Are you looking for a career which can bring you a success? Have you ever heard about business analyst? Are you looking for how to become a business analyst? Or are you an experienced Business Analyst and look for BA courses to improve your skills and knowledge? If yes, this blog is yours.
Before deciding to write this Business Analyst blog, I have read many blogs and found out there are lots of fresh graduates asking about Business Analyst career, such as what is business analyst responsibility? Why I choose BA for a stable future career? How can I join Business Analyst training course? How can I get BA certification? Or Iam an experienced Business Analyst, should I get more certification to be a professional BA?
I can say that there are the millions of Business Analyst training questions have been asked by the fresh graduates on the internet, but there are not many answers about that. Therefore, I am going to help you explain all your wondering about BA industry.

What is Business Analyst responsibility?

Business Analyst has become the dreamiest job in some developed countries; especially in USA. The role of BA becomes more and more important when IT is developing day by day. As the Business Analyst, you will be the person who collect and gather all the requirements from the stakeholders; then, analyze and find the best solution to develop the business. In other words, you will be the person who manages the stakeholders and the team. Sometimes, Business Analyst will be asked to support the managers and directors when they are overwork.

Why I should choose BA for a stable future career?

Not only from the internet, I also received an email with the question “why Business Analyst career is a potential career for me when lots of people join business analyst training programs and it means we will have lots of BA in the industry?
It is an interesting question. Yes, there are lots of Americans starting to pursue Business Analyst career through business analyst training courses USA. However, you must know these information:

  • The world will need approximately 880,000 Business Analysts in the next 10 years
  • Most companies only recruit a good or skilled Business Analyst

Therefore, no matter how many people enroll and join Business Analyst training course, you still have a huge chance to gain yourself a position in any organizations.
Besides that, the salary is also the reason why you are encouraged to be a Business Analyst. Do you know Business Analyst salary is one of the highest salaries in the world now? Lots of top companies are paid the enormous money just to hire a professional business analyst.

Take your time and let a look at, you will see clearly the lowest salary of Business Analyst is around $45,000 per year. However, there are not many $45,000, most BA salary is annually around $55,000 – $75,000, and if you are the professional BA, your salary is more than $110,000 per year.
I met many professional business analysts during the confession, and they are running their own business now. If you truly love Business Analyst, and with your hard working and the salary, I can guarantee that you will have your own business within 15 years.

How can I join business analyst training course?

Did you do some researches about business analysis training courses before read my blog? If not, I will provide all necessary information as well as business analyst courses’ requirements before you are going to enroll the BA training courses.

  • You must be US citizens or have at least green card to enroll any business analyst training course USA. In fact, there are still some training centers providing business analyst training class for foreigners, but it is not too much. If you are working overseas for study abroad, you can come to any BA training centers near your place and ask for more information.
  • You must have at least college or bachelor degree. If you are holding in your hand a college or bachelor degree, you can join BA training courses. There is no specific requirement about your degree’s field.
  • You do not need a technical background, but you need to have a passion to be a BA. Many people are afraid of their IT degree. Now, you can feel free because most of BA training centers do not ask the students about IT degree and technical background to join the course. The reason that makes them require the students must have the passion is because Business Analyst plays an important role in the business and this career is only for those who love it.

I do not know which state do you live in USA, but if you are looking for the best business analyst training courses, you can join business analyst training New York, business analyst training Ottawa, business analyst training Florida and business training Dallas TX. These centers provide to you the best online and in-class BA training courses. However, the business analyst training fee is quite high due to the instructors’ experiences.
How can I get Business Analyst certification?

Many students misunderstand that after they finish business analyst training course for beginners, they become a certified Business Analyst. However, it is wrong. You might receive a certification after you finish the course, but it is from the training company not from Business Analyst Institute. Therefore, if you want to show you are the certified BA and work over the world, you must get BA certification.
Based on my experiences, the most valuable Business Analyst certification is from IIBA. They provide three different kinds of BA certifications:

  • Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA).
  • Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA).
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP).

In order to register for the exam, follow this link:
If you are the fresh graduates and learn BA by yourself, I advise you should take at least one or two Business Analyst course before joining the exam. The main reason because you are lacking of practical skills.

I encourage you to join BA training course because through these courses, you will be trained and practice with the real case by experienced BA. Additional, you will gain yourself lots of important knowledge for IIBA examination.

  • Understand Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  • Understand Functional Requirement Document (FRD)
  • Understand Requirement Management Plan (RMP) & Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Understand Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Learn & understand the requirement elicitation techniques in SDLC

In case, you do not have time to join an in-class or online course, you can look for some Business Analyst one to one training courses. Many business analyst training USA centersprovide to the students a right to choose their own learning schedule from day to time. No matter what kinds of class you are enrolling, you still study directly with business analyst experts and using business analyst training documents which are compiled by professional BA and based on their experiences.

Should I get professional Business Analyst certification?

If you are asking this question, I want to ask you that if you do not have professional Business Analyst certification, how you can show to the world you are the professional BA and you are the right person for that position.
As you know the salary of professional BA is really high more than $100,000 per year. I encourage you must register for this examination because there is no reason for us to not take this exam. You can have more information about this exam here:
I hope these answers will be helpful for you as well as your Business Analyst career. Whether you are the fresh or experienced Business Analyst, I advise you should join BA training course before taking any IIBA exams because this is the best way to ensure you will have a BA certification.

5 important Business Analyst Soft Skills That Every Successful Business Analyst Needs

Do you know besides of knowledge, soft skills areone of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a Business Analyst and your Business Analyst career?Whether you are a fresh business analyst or a professional business analyst, business analyst skills are always the first thing that you must consolidate every day in order to help complete fully and perfectly the projects. In fact, no matter who you are, soft skills always play an important role in your success.
Today, I am going to show you the 5 important Business Analyst soft skills that you must have if you want to be a successful BA.

  • Interpersonal Savvy

I think if you are the fresh graduate, Interpersonal savvy might be the strange words with you. It is the combination of many other skills, such as influence, negotiation, communication, listening and so on. You can understand this is the way that you interact and communicate with other people. In other words, it shows to your partners how you feel when you are interacting and working with them.

  • Willing to learn/ Learning

As you know Business Analyst career requires a Business Analyst must usually update their knowledge and skills; especially, a business analyst glossary and terms. The technology as well as IT is developing day by day, if you do not consolidate your knowledge, you might be excluded.
I know some professional Business Analysts who are really confident with their knowledge and skills, and they stop learning. I do not know what they think and how they feel, I am a professional BA, but I still take my free time to update my knowledge through many free online business analyst training materials because it allows me to apply the changes or new business analysis techniques and tools to my works and bring better results to the business.

  • Teamwork

Because of the job requirements, business analyst usually works with a project team in order to gather the requirements, find the solutions and complete the project. It leads to many fresh graduates think that they are a part of project team. Actually, BA has to work with many other teams in the organization, such as IT or engineering team. Teamwork skill allows a business analyst coordinate effectively with other members and can accomplish the tasks efficiently.

  • Building Relationship

As I mentioned Business Analyst has to work with other teams to complete the job, and the communication, teamwork and willing to learn skills will support fully a business analyst on the way building a relationship other members as well as the stakeholders.
However, you must know that although we have to build a relationship with everybody, it does not mean we have to agree with their decisions. Many business analysts caused problems to the project because do not stand up to point out the mistake or protect their opinions because they want to keep a peaceful environment with their colleagues.

I want you to know that as a Business Analyst, you will be one of the people who have a clear influence on the success of every project. Therefore, if you have any ideas or disagree, you should talk to related members.

  • Facilitation

I think some of you are wondering when I mention facilitation is one of the important Business Analyst soft skills.
You must know that this skill is really important to a BA because there are not many business analysts can facilitate effectively and successfully a large meeting where has a large group of stakeholders. Besides of understanding the goal of the discussion, knowing how to facilitate the discussion and documenting during the meeting will help a business analyst manage and run the meeting effectively.

Common Business Analyst Domain Knowledge

If you are studying at any business analyst training center USA, these are the top common domain knowledge that you must know if you want to be a successful business analyst. Why?
Do you know the more domain knowledge you know, the more effective your work will be? It allows a business analyst connects accurately with the customer demands’ areas and uses that knowledge to elicit the requirements.

In fact, you do not need to join any business analyst training courses to gain yourself these knowledge. I can tell you that domain knowledge just means you must know more when you are a BA, so you can update your knowledge by:

  • Read more BA articles and blogs; especially a blog or a website from professional BA or best business analyst training centers.
  • Talk and discuss with experienced and professional business analyst.
  • Meet and talk with others people who work in other domains.
  • Visit different e-commerce website. (Amazon will be your best choice)

You can see it is very easy for us to know more another industry. I will provide you some information about the common domains in Business Analyst industry.

  • E-commerce

I think you know e-commerce is a form of internet trading where buyers and sellers buy and sell the products or service through the internet platform. These are the basic information that you must know before starting to work on E-commerce:

  • Product Categories
  • Product Categories and Product Variant
  • Seller Information
  • Search and Filter Function
  • Shopping Cart
  • Admin Access and User Registration
  • Understand customers’ demands
  • Hospitality

When we talk about hospitality, you must know that we are talking about the relationship between the guest and the owner. It can be known as a wide topic. Besides of hotel, restaurant or resorts, there will be lots of institutions involve in this industry, such as the entrainment parks or cruise line industry. As a business analyst, you should have these basic knowledge:

  • Understand all the process of the industry from guest check-in to check-out
  • Know how to provide the guest a real-time experience
  • Understand the coordination between all channels
  • Website Development

Website is a place contains all the information or content which can be accessed through the internet platform. Nowadays, most businesses are using one single page website than using multiple pages.
As a business analyst, you may not know about hospitality and you can read more information to know, but you must know about this business analyst domain knowledge.

  • Every website needs its domain name which is known as the website link name and it must be unique.
  • Design a special Logo, the pages and the contents. (company introduction, advertisement, contact info …)
  • Buying hosting space which is known as sever. There are lots of hosting companies where you can purchase some spaces for you website in the market.
  • Banking

This is a wide area, and you should research for a specific area than the entire module. For example:

  • Credit Card
  • Loan debt
  • DMAT trading
  • Mortgage

How can I show my skills and domain knowledge to the company if I decide to change the company?

I put this question here because it relates to this topic. As your question, the best way to show to your potential company that you are the right candidate for that position is having Business Analyst certification.
No matter what kinds of position you are going to apply; besides of showing your knowledge and you skill, you must show your certification or degree which is the most reality and valuable evidence.
I can tell you most of the business analyst examinations are multiple choice questions, and the questions are from BABOK Guide. Although it is quite easy for you to pass the exam, must you have to ensure that you get enough basic Business Analyst for yourself:

  • Know all current business analyst glossary and industry terms
  • Understand Business Requirements Document
  • Know how to create FRD and BRD
  • Understand deeply Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Understand Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Know how to write Users Stories and how to create UML Diagrams?
  • Understand Business Requirement Gathering Tools
  • Understand HP Quality Center (QC)/ALM
  • Understand in Mercury Tour Demo Application
  • Know how to login to Mercury Quality Center
  • Understand the Modules in Mercury Quality Center (QC) 9.0
  • Understand HP QC Requirement Module & HP QC Test Plan Module

In fact, whether you are a new business analyst or an experienced BA, I advise you should take your free time to read more articles about other industry. It is not waste your time. Do not think I am a business analyst; I should use my time to read BA articles. It is right, but if you do not have other domain knowledge, it is really hard for you to complete your task and reach stakeholders or customers’ requirements. Moreover, you must also try to improve all your soft skills. If you do not know how to consolidate your BA skills and knowledge, you can come to any BA workshops or BA training centers. Lots of expert instructors, experienced and professional Business Analyst are willing to help you there.

3 Important Roles and 5 Top Needed Skill Of The Business Analyst

Since the economy has been recovered quickly after the year 2009 when was the economic crisis, it has brought to the numbers of opportunities for all businesses. Together with that, there is the thuge demand in Human Resources; especially the role of Business Analyst become more and more important. As the Business Analyst, you will be a person who hasthe good knowledge, fluent skills, do research and analyze the businesses’ problems in order to not pass or miss any chances and finding the suitable solutions. Because of its important role, there are organization, managers and leadersforce their Business Analyst must join the business analyst training courses to improve their skills and knowledge.

Who is a business analyst and why do they important to our business?

A business analyst is known as the person who is the bridge between the customers and the company. They can work as others analysts in the different departments:

  • Management Analyst

Sometimes, Management Analyst will be called as a BA because they will plan and propose any positive and effective solutions for the businesses. Moreover, they can advise the managers or directors about how to improve and develop the business by cutting the expense and increase the revenue.

  • System Analyst

When IT has had a significant growth, the role of BA becomes more necessary in each business which relates to internet information. This is also the reason that a lot of IT and marketing managers have joined the online business analyst training courses to improve their knowledge.
Furthermore, BA will also be a person who definesthe organizational improvements, design the system to make changes, train and motivate others people use the system.

  • Data analyst

If you are working as a BA and do not how to read the graphs, charts, tables and reports, it is the time that you must learn about that. There is some free business analyst training online coursesare available on the internet.
Working as a data analyst, you will be asked to collect the data, analyze and identify the trends and create a predictable model which can happen in the future.


If you are running your own business which has a certain position in the market, you must know clearly the necessary role of business analyst in the development of our business. The thousands of large and top companies have spent the amount of money to create the business analyst training and placement for their employees; especially, the IT companies.


The 3 main groups of Business Analysts

If you are still asking why some companies spend much money to train a business analyst, here are the reasons:
According to International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Business Analyst will be divided into 3 main groups with different job’s requirements and demands.

  • Strategic Analysis Team

This group is focused on analyzing the SWOTs of the business or any segments of the business. Most of them are the directors, managers, business analyst, and financial analyst.

  • Business Process Analysis Team

This group focuses on optimizing and integrating the business process, new technological applications and solutions in order to meet business goals. Most of them are Business Architect, Data Analyst and Enterprise Analyst.

  • Product or solution demand analyst team

This group focuses on describing and modeling the functionalities, business requirements, quality of product and operational process. Most of them are System Analyst, Product Manager and System Engineer.
Because of these roles, all of the Business Analyst must be trained in order to reach company’s requirement and develop the business. Most companies encourage their managers or any analysts should have a spontaneous participation in business analyst training courses. It will definitely help them improve their skills and consolidate their knowledge.

Top important skills of Business Analyst

It is clear for me to say that BA is one of the most attractive jobs in the world, but its needed skills and its requirements do not a simple and easy thing for all of us. Therefore, if you want to become a BA, you must have these needed skills

  • Communication skills.

Actually, business analyst spends a lot of time to interact with customers, managers and others people or team. The success of a project actually depend on how BA communicate with the others, such as project requirement or negotiation. Thus, proficiency in foreign language and having the ability to communication are the first essential skills with all BA.

  • Technical skills

In order to identify the business solutions, BA must have a basic knowledge about information technology applications are being used and the results which can be achieved through IT current platform. Besides, software testing and business system design are also the two important technical analytical skills that all BA should have.
Actually, BA needs to have a confidence in business and technology and demonstrate a strong technical ability to achieve the respect as well as creating a sense of confidence between IT and business users.

  • Analytical Skills

This is the most important skill with all BA in the world. In order to become a successful BA, you must have the excellent analytical skills to ensure the company reach customers’ demands and accurately transpose it into the application.
On the other hand, BA will also be asked to analyze the data or survey result to determine the process to overcome the business problems.

  • Making decision skills

Working as a BA, you must have this skill. Because you will be a person who gives the ideas and the first action in a range of business issues and your decision will determine the existence of the business in the market.

  • Managerial skills

One of the need skills when you are working as a BA is the ability to manage the project. Because you will be a person who directs the staff, budget forecast and handle the changes.
Negotiation and Persuasion skills
In most successful companies, BA is the bridge between the developers, the directors and the companies and individuals. Finding the balance between personal desires and business needs then interacting with multiple types of objects toward a solution that works for both businesses is the responsibility of BA.
When competing for the clients’ projects, negotiating skill is also needed to achieve the beneficial results for the company and customers.
Therefore, it is not easy for us to become a BA as well as a successful BA with just a degree from any university. We must try to improve our abilities and skills through many business analyst training courses. This will be a chance for us to learn and improve our knowledge and skills.